April 29th, 2017: Our amazing volunteers from Drexel University.

Feb 11th, 2017: Our wonderful Drexel Civic 101 students getting the word out in West Philly today!

If you are a new volunteer, please call for information about attending a volunteer orientation. You can reach our volunteer coordinator, Ali, at (215) 546-9616, extension #4.

APEDF Volunteer Team Orientations are held every Thursday from 5-6pm on the second floor of our store at 832 N. Broad St.

Check the sidebar announcements for the dates of any upcoming meetings. You can meet other volunteers for education about current events and the APEDF mission and to join the work to build Uhuru Furniture and the African People's Education and Defense Fund.

Current Volunteer & Intern Positions
~ Community Outreach (Flyering, Postering & Doorhanging)
~ Sales & Customer Service
~ Operations (Moving, Cleaning & Repairing Furniture)
~ Internet Marketing
~ Graphic Design (Flyers, HTMLs, Graphics, Blog)
~ Business Relations
~ Donations Intake
~ Sewing
~ Furniture Painting

For all of our current Outreach volunteer opportunities, please look at our Volunteer Match webpage!


Our AMAZING Volunteers of the Quarter Devon Reed & Jurven Ameerun 
 Thank you SO MUCH for all your great work for the African People's Education and Defense Fund! It was really great to meet you and work with you. Uhuru Furniture family wishes you all the best!

Quotes from Our Volunteers 

"We 've been customers of Uhuru Furniture for seven years and it is a pleasure to volunteer with them this past Thanksgiving. They are a positive presents in the community and it is a pleasure to support their work!"
- Koy & Sekou

#TBT Quote:"I like volunteering at Uhuru Furniture because it fills me with joy to know that the little work that I do is a part of something bigger, the APEDF. Also, the  store benefits the customers as well as the community!"
- Jillian

"I like working & volunteering here because the people who work here make the hard days fun! I always like the conversations you get to have with the customers, too."
- Dan

"I enjoy volunteering at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles  because it means working with great staff, helping customers at the store, and working toward a cause. Volunteering at the 2016 Uhuru Health Festival was also lots of FUN!" 
- Deanna

"I like volunteering with Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because I stand behind the APEDF mission. I am grateful to partner with the movement, to use my time, gifts and talents for a most excellent cause."
 - Tracy

"I always love coming in to volunteer at Uhuru Furniture‬. Everyone treats the volunteers so kindly. I am always welcomed, and it is really fun! I am so excited to continue volunteering here. The store supports an amazing organization APEDF, and I am so thankful that I can do my part helping support APEDF!"
- Maddie

Appreciation Party 2015
Appreciation Party for Staff, Volunteers, Donors, Friends & Family!
THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of your hard work, dedication, passion, happiness, and kindness that you've contributed to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles!

Volunteer Appreciation Party 2014
Uhuru Furniture 2014 Annual Staff & Volunteer Appreciation Party!

Thank you to Moody and all our friends at Life Do Grow Farm for hosting our party at this great urban farm, which brings healthy food to the North Philly community! We also look forward to partnering together on future projects, and want to extend our thanks for all the herbs and peppers! Thanks also to Trios Pizza for the awesome pizza selection enjoyed by all!