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BREAKING: A simple finger device could save your life

"COVID-19 is disproportionately striking African and Spanish-speaking people around the country and in New York City, African people are twice as likely to die from the virus than white people, according to an ABC news report on April 17."

Uhuru Furniture is part of APEDF's mission to change this reality by creating African self-determination programs that bring collective solutions to health and health care for black community!

Show your support for African self-reliance by donating to our GoFundMe at

Uhuru Furniture's Giving Tuesday webinar was a huge success!
Thank you everyone who attended our webinar yesterday featuring president Ona Zené Yeshitela! It was a huge success and we want to give a special thank you for those who donated to our GoFundMe!

We are now only $1,600 away from reaching $10,000 out of our $25,000 goal! Help us get to $10,000 and donate at!

With your help we have raised over $6,500 toward our $25,000 Go Fund Me goal in the first 12 days!

Uhuru Furniture is a small business, a non-profit PLUS it is African worker owned! We need to fight for our survival, knowing that big businesses have gobbled up the stimulus money that was supposed to go to organizations and business like us!

With your support, we will make it!
Donate to our GoFundMe today at!

We greatly appreciate APEDF President Ona Zene Yeshitela for all the leadership you provide to Uhuru Furniture!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our GoFundMe campaign! We have raised over $6,000 toward our $25,000 goal!

The overwhelming love and support from the community to defend Uhuru Furniture as an African-led economic, self-determination institution fighting for the human and civil rights of the black community while we are temporarily closed, shows that we are more than just a furniture store. We truly belong to the people and this institution is your institution!

We know that with the help of our supporters like you, we will make it through this period stronger than ever!

“I am honored to be able to donate to what I deem a renowned organization for the people! I would love to see more people of like minded sentiments donate to this organization which is not just wanted, it is needed!”

Our deepest appreciation goes out to Aminata Saundra Calhoun for her ongoing support for Uhuru Furniture! Be like Aminata and support African self-determination by donating to

Tips for Grocery Shopping and Handling During a Pandemic
Our sister non-profit, AAPDEP, has great tips on how to keep yourself safe during COVID-19 when shopping for groceries and other essential items. Click here to read more about some strategies to consider before you leave home, while shopping, and when you return home.

We want to thank Cota for her recent donation to our GoFundMe! As a part of our store team in Philadelphia, we deeply appreciate all that you contribute to Uhuru Furniture!

Be like Cota and support African self-determination by donating to!

African Health in African Hands

The Uhuru Health Festival and One Africa! One Nation Marketplace in Oakland & Philadelphia would have been today but these and 50+ other APEDF economic development institutions have been shut down due to COVID-19. Despite this, the need for health resources in the African community has not stopped!

Show your support for these institutions by donating to Uhuru Furniture at

"Black people have the highest rate of death from all cancers
as well as from unintentional injury compared to anyone else in Alameda County, CA according to the Alameda County Health Data Profile. These conditions are generally accepted as normal." - The Burning Spear newspaper

Uhuru Furniture, a project of APEDF is changing that, creating a new 'normal' by participating in building an independent African economy!

If you want to participate too, donate to our 'Support Uhuru Furniture' GoFundMe campaign

Be prepared - Do you know which hospital to go to if you have emergency symptoms of COVID-19?
Not all hospitals have ventilators!

APEDF President Ona Zené Yeshitela on defending and supporting Uhuru Furniture
"Our first priority is the safety of our people. This is why we shut down all of our institutions...we intend on coming out, of course, stronger than we were before this crisis hit. Our tagline, “The Baddest Non-Profit on the Planet,” is something that we fight for all the time and we’re asking people to join us in this fight.
I don’t know how many times this country has dealt with bailing out the banks, the airlines, Wall Street and all these major corporations. We are demanding that the government bail out and make African-owned small businesses their first priority in the communities around the world." - The Burning Spear newspaper

You can support Uhuru Furniture store by donating at!

Black Power Blueprint project has been 100 percent people powered!
VIDEO: Interview with contractor Eric Lagrone describing the electrical work for the outdoor venue of the Black Power Blueprint project. We are reclaiming our skills, our labor power, and our artistry to go back into our community.

APEDF President Ona Zené Yeshitela - Message to our community on the Coronavirus Epidemic

Black Ankh: Ask the Doctor Series
Our sister non-profit the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project hosted its first live Ask the Doctor Series featuring Dr. Loretta King, who has over 30 years of nursing experience and is a member of the Black Ankh Medical Advisory Team.
AAPDEP brings together African doctors to provide much needed health resources to the African community.

How to access resources from the U.S. government
African people are disproportionately affected by this pandemic, both in numbers of infected, numbers of deaths and as usual, in access to any of the shamefully inadequate resources being offered to the general population by the U.S. Govt. Here is a starting place for people to get something to survive on, while APEDF continues to build an independent African economy.

Exercise for Healthy Immune Function! Get Moving Today!
Go to to find more information about health tips & resources

Cuban Trained Dr. - Pandemic Response in her Bronx Community
Check out this article on Dr. Barber. Here is a quote, "One of the biggest ideas that came from the Cuban Revolution was that everyone, as a human right, should have access to healthcare and should have access to education."

In St. Louis, the virus is infecting black people at four times the rate that it infects white people
Black people also account for all COVID-19-related deaths.
AAPDEP and APEDF are defending the African community with health and financial relief in addition to our ongoing African community economic development institutions.
Support Uhuru Furniture by donating here!

The People's War Against Coronavirus Bringing Hope to the Philadelphia African Community
The People’s War strategy is and letting the people know that they are not forgotten and they are invited to join #ThePeoplesWar against Coronavirus!
Click the image above to read more

Black Power Blueprint spotlights Gary Brooks, an African man critical to it's growth
Click the image above to read more

We cannot stress enough the seriousness of staying at home as much as possible right now!
Click the image above to read more

Support African self-determination! Defend Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles Stores in Philadelphia and Oakland!
Click the image above to read more and stay up to date by checking our website regularly!

The Reparations Report - People's War Against Coronavirus
APEDF Board President Ona Zené Yeshitela gives a report on the state of the Uhuru Furniture stores at 24:51

How to Wash Your Hands Effectively

Special Interview with Dr. Aisha Fields from the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project re: COVID-19

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