Thanks to Our Volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Uhuru Furniture who contribute their time and skills to all areas of the store including: outreach and flea markets, marketing, photography, online posting, furniture moving, customer service, sales assistance, artists, IT assistance, grant writing and research, graphic design and so much more!

We love you Tom!



"I volunteer because I'm a strong believer that everyone is equal! Racist laws impact low-income communities of color and create disadvantages. APEDF works to erase those disadvantages and give back to the affected communities. I'm proud to support that."
- Cass

"I enjoy volunteering here because everyone is very kind and very passionate about the work of APEDF. I believe the mission of the organization is a fantastic cause that truly serves the Philadelphia community and beyond" - Rey

"I volunteer because I want to be a part of the solution. It's important to me to help Philly. It's my home and it needs so much love right now. I know the efforts of APEDF, Uhuru, and volunteers like me can lead to a brighter, equal world." - Joj

"I like volunteering at Uhuru because it makes a difference. I'm a part of the black community in Philadelphia and I have an obligation to better and give back to the community I'm from. Uhuru is an Organization that is making positive changes to this community. It gives me a feeling of joy"
- Chloe

"I love volunteering, the work I do makes me feel like I'm truly making a change."
 - Chris

"I enjoyed reaching out ot the community by bringing awareness to other about uhuru. Giving back and sticking together is what its all about"
 - Lane

"Very good experience volunteering. I enjoyed learning about the program and how it benefits the black community" - Jentle

"I wanted to volunteer to support our community. I love what this company stands for and I want to show my full support" - La'Tisa

"I love volunteering because it allows me to show my community that someone is always here to make them feel worthy within their growth." - Nicole

"I love volunteering because I am passionate about helping others. I want the skills, qualities and attributes that I have built up over the years to be put to good use and working as a volunteer will help me to achieve that goal." 
- Kanika H

I am very grateful to Uhuru for the opportunity to explore Philly while volunteering my time there!" - Aaron

"Volunteering is important because it takes all of us to reach all of us!" 

"I enjoyed doing this because giving back is what its about and this is what we stand on DZP(Delta Zeta Phi)."  - Jay

"I was intrigued to become involved because of the CAUSE after the presentation on what the organization is about and all the many ways they help out the community!" 
- Marquita B.

Delta Zeta Phi loved helping with the initiative of giving back to the community in all aspects! 
- K. Oasis

"When I started volunteering at Uhuru I thought I would do so to do a project for my class, but I found that the people here are very nice and this is more than a furniture store. It offers a chance to contribute to helping black entrepreneurs and the black community as a whole"  -Olivia Page

"I like volunteering here because not only do I get to be apart of these projects but I get to volunteer at a place that understands my struggles as a black woman and a black person in general. I love the people here and the atmosphere"  -Aissata

"The reason I decided to volunteer at Uhuru is because it taught me that you can help someone out no matter how far you or them live. It also teaches me the outcome of helping people and how you can change a difference in the world. Uhuru is a great community and I wish we had more people like them"  -Laniyah 

"Being in Uhuru is a pleasure. It's people, everyone is very kind, and everyone works with love for a great cause. All I can say is- thank you for allowing me to serve the community"  -Julio


"Volunteering means you're willing to carry your people and the community outcomes - you want to see change - you start the train!" -Suleey

"I liked volunteering for Uhuru because we got to see where exactly all the donations are going to. I love to give back to my community"  
-Jamal C

"Always look forward to volunteer with Uhuru because I'm surrounded by amazing people who care about other people and communities. They also believe in equally sharing love and support across all communities!" Jeff

"I am volunteering at Uhuru because I want to be involved in helping the North Philly community and give back to the black community. I am so happy to have found this organization" Emily Madara

"I'm volunteering with Uhuru because I want to give back to and support the local Philadelphia community in an impactful way" Zoe K

"Volunteering at Uhuru was a great way to spend a day in the city while spreading word about a great organization that does vital work for the black community" Lily

“I am very happy to support black community economic power to transfer the future. The social media volunteering work has been really fun to me. Uhuru furniture’s staff are really nice and patient to work with!” - Sherry

"I am so proud of the work that APEDF does for the Black/African community, that when Uhuru calls on me to volunteer (in any capacity), it's an honor to do so!" - Rhenda

"I like volunteering for Uhuru Furniture because it's an organization that provides a great service to the North Philly community and it's profits go to the African People's Education and Defense Fund, a nation-wide force for good in the lives of the black community. There's lots of way to help out!" - Francis 

"I like volunteering at Uhuru Furniture because the mission is vital and the work is meaningful!" - Josh

"Volunteering with Uhuru has been a great experience! There are so many different ways to help out and knowing it all benefits African self-determination and economic development is inspiring and rewarding. They also generously provide you with many resources to further educate yourself about Uhuru and the African People's Education and Defense Fund so that you can continue to support the black community"
- Alex

"Thanks for making it easy for our team to volunteer! The process of contacting you and scheduling was seamless. We were provided with everything that we needed. Painting furniture together was a positive team bonding moment that we're grateful to have had." - Jody (right) from Power Home Remodeling 

"I volunteered with Uhuru because it has a mission I stand by. The work they do to help the community is impactful, and right in line as we celebrate Black History Month." - Kat F. (second from right)

"It's interesting that we (black people) are vocal on everyone else's issues. But we get silent when it comes to our own. We get silent when talking about revolution. Not at Uhuru Furniture!" - John Sanders, Founder of the Black Business Alliance (& Enterprises)

“Volunteering at Uhuru Furniture has been such a humbling experience. Being able to give back to the community and being a part of an amazing team that is passionate for change and equality is a blessing. I look forward to doing more!” - Evi 

"Uhuru Furniture is a great place to volunteer. It's a wonderful place to feel a sense of community and it makes me feel like I am doing something truly important. I am able to apply my skills to a great cause and learn a lot in the process." - Bill

Uhuru Furniture deeply thanks and appreciates great volunteer NZO painter Anna Subbotina! Anna volunteered 168 hours to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund. Be like Anna! 

"Uhuru Furniture has allowed me to contribute to very important, revolutionary work in Philadelphia with the African People's Education and Defense Fund and has led me to many meaningful friendships as well." - Henry

"I love volunteering at Uhuru Furniture because it directly supports the economic development of the African community, as well as promoting environmental sustainability." - Marissa

"I am so grateful for the volunteer and internship opportunities that Uhuru Furniture gave me to give back to my black community. Here at Uhuru Furniture, the staff are so friendly and every one is appreciated and valued." - Isra (left)

"Uhuru Furniture is a wonderful place where I like volunteering to support the black community. I have learned so much here, the team is great and I look forward to doing more. Uhuru!" - Abeer (right)

“I enjoyed volunteering because everyone was so nice and welcomes you in with open arms. I learned so much about how this organization benefits the black community in so many positive ways. I love knowing that the part that I’ve played volunteering for this organization is a part of something bigger and so meaningful. I can’t wait to come back and see everyone again!” - Shanquelle

"Thank you to everyone at Uhuru for being so kind and allowing us to be a part of the change and reparations that desperately NEED to happen! I'm looking forward to volunteering with Uhuru again in the future!"- Nina

"I really appreciate the work that Uhuru does, especially as someone who comes from a black/latinx family. Growing up, we didn't have the same opportunities that white suburban families did. It's so refreshing being able to volunteer for [an institution] that stands for me and my family." -Makaela

"We 've been customers of Uhuru Furniture for seven years and it is a pleasure to volunteer with them this past Thanksgiving. They are a positive presence in the community and it is a pleasure to support their work!"
- Koy & Sekou

"I like volunteering at Uhuru Furniture because it fills me with joy to know that the little work that I do is a part of something bigger, the APEDF. Also, the  store benefits the customers as well as the community!"
- Jillian

"I like working & volunteering here because the people who work here make the hard days fun! I always like the conversations you get to have with the customers, too."
- Dan

"I enjoy volunteering at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because it means working with great staff, helping customers at the store, and working toward a cause. Volunteering at the 2016 Uhuru Health Festival was also lots of FUN!" 
- Deanna

"I like volunteering with Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because I stand behind the APEDF mission. I am grateful to partner with the movement, to use my time, gifts and talents for a most excellent cause."
 - Tracy

"I always love coming in to volunteer at Uhuru Furniture‬. Everyone treats the volunteers so kindly. I am always welcomed, and it is really fun! I am so excited to continue volunteering here. The store supports an amazing organization APEDF, and I am so thankful that I can do my part helping support APEDF!"
- Maddie