"We walked by Uhuru Furniture and I happened to find exactly what we wanted! Thank you!" - Anne & Michael

"It was our pleasure to donate to Uhuru. I felt like we were paying it forward since we have many purchases from Uhuru when you were in your former location on Spruce Street. Happy to donate so you can make some other very lucky people happy with their Uhuru purchases! We will definitely be contacting you again when we have more furniture and other good items to donate." - Jill

"Working with Uhuru is smooth as silk. They're FAST, FRIENDLY, FUERTE, and AFFORDABLE. Don't even bother shopping around. Go Uhuru, we know who I'll use for my next move! Gracias Uhuru. Asante Sana!!"
- Dan & Lilia

"I’ve become a regular here! This has become my favorite store! 
It’s good to know it’s for the community!" - Cassandra E.

"I love this place always can find new and good quality items here. I come every week every other week to get different things to put my home together to make it feel comfy for very reasonable prices" - Sakinah

"I love this place." - Rock

I opened up a Black owned Afro-Centric AirBnB in Fairmount. It's called Xola Oasis and is furnished with several pieces from Uhuru Furniture. I've been shopping at Uhuru for about 10 years! - Andrea of A'Apron

I thought I was being unreasonable for how little I wanted to spend to furnish my home. Uhuru made me feel great and totally validated! - Sam

"Best service we could've hoped for! Bub & Albert were extremely careful with our stuff, worked super effectively and efficiently, but more importantly were a joy to deal with overall. Thanks again! We'll be in touch if we ever need any moving services!" - Carlos & Carmen

"The furniture is high quality and the prices are wonderful!" - Pam

“I love the work u do and was a follower since u had ur old store on Spruce Street” - Tommy

“We are so glad we chose Uhuru to help us with our move. They were right on time, efficient and professional with a great attitude. They made everything so easy, we highly recommend them!” Sage & Tristan

“Uhuru on the Move is excellent!!! The guys are fantastic!!!” Bathsheba Etheridge

“Uhuru is on the Move and so is the quality of their moving service!!" Karen Smith

“It’s like getting moved by that friend with the truck who likes to help people move. My packing prep wasn’t the best, and with zero judgement these fellas packed my stuff with ease. They went above and beyond negotiating some tricky stairwells and corners with my bigger pieces but stayed 100% committed! It’s a 10 out of 10 for me!” Sequoyah Hunter-Cuyjet

“Uhuru made my move happen! Support Black Liberation and make your move a joyful experience by hiring them. Bub and Edwin got all my furniture into my new house that has low ceilings. Even when I thought it couldn’t be done they expressed confidence they could work it out and they did. Thank you Uhuru!” Margaret

"My husband and I have been purchasing and donating furniture to Uhuru for the last 6 years. We love the concept of sustainability, rehoming things to give them a second change and keeping things out of landfills.  Moreover, Uhuru has a great mission of supporting the African Peoples Education and Defense Fund. The staff members are all welcoming and kind....We enjoy watching the live shows and are always checking out what they have to offer on the blogspot. Uhuru!!" Wendy and Greg

"I like shopping at Uhuru because I get good things for a good price. Nice people" Ms Barbara

"I came in the store knowing what I was looking for. And left wanting everything. They have quality furniture at great prices. Joe an employee at Uhuru helped me take measurements and answered all my questions. A great place with quality furniture and accessories. And the best part if that all the proceeds go to African People's Education and Defense Fund. I highly recommend this place!

"Love the mission of Uhuru and this beautiful NZO line. Grateful to have the symbol of strength and humility in our apartment" Hannah Prativa

"Uhuru Furniture store will always have a special place in my heart because of the mission and people behind it" Jeff Jones

Instagram Giveaway Comments

"I support you guys because I love what you guys stand for and everyone is very kind. I would highly recommend to anyone I know!" @soydeleondiana 

"I support Uhuru because it's for us and by us!' @indianajawns

"I support Uhuru because of their heart for the community. They also offer unique, quality items at a great price" @albertha1965

"I support because I know my $ wouldn't go to a faceless enterprise but to hardworking individuals and good causes!" @soylatted

"love being able to support a good cause!" @philguayyy

"This store is such a blessing and prices are so affordable. I'm so glad they're here! I love to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund" - Boop

"I chose to bring my donations to Uhuru because I love supporting an organization, like the African People's Education and Defense Fund, that makes a real difference in people's lives. We pulled up in our truck and were met with kindness and consideration. The people at Uhuru made donating a pleasant experience!" - Amy & Judy

As students, we appreciate the quality of furniture at an affordable price while supporting the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF). We have fully furnished 4 apartments from Uhuru Furniture. - Danielle and Gabby

I was looking for a coffee table and found one. I was very please with it and the services!
- Mia B

Bargains are real and the furniture is quality! - Edmond J

Found one of a kind piece, in one of a kind store! Support the mission of black self-determination. 
- Joseph Eason

"Uhuru Furniture not only has a great mission, but also unique pieces you won't find anywhere else. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend this great store!" - Andrea

"I have bought a futon from Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles in the past, and I came back to buy another one. The service is great and the furniture is reasonable!" - Brian Pope

"I love shopping at Uhuru because I love their mission to support the African American community. I also appreciate the affordable prices!" - Albertha Drayton-Bailey (pictured right)

"My house is furnished with beds, sofa, lamps, etc. from Uhuru! I have been shopping here since the Spruce street days -- 1994 to the present." - Bernard Marrow

"I moved here recently from Columbus, OH, and the reason why I love Philly is the vibrancy of the community and the ability to walk into something amazing with a real human story like Uhuru Furniture. You are all extremely helpful and the selection here is incredible. I'm happy to participate in supporting the community!" 

"I've been down here for a minute. And they keep me coming back because they have beautiful stuff here!" - Ms. Alice

"What an awesome store! Great value, awesome customer service, and best of all, supporting the education of my people! Go to Uhuru!" - Kyle C.

From Joyce C., a furniture donor:
"I wanted to thank you for your professionalism (and your hard-working crew) during this stressful time for my in-laws as they leave their home of 40+ years.

My father-in-law, Eli, died suddenly this week...he was here and then gone. Most of us had not seen him since before the lockdown. He would have been 94 next month.

I hope their much-loved furniture makes someone as happy as it made them. Keep up the good work!"

"Had to send the cutest picture for you to use on your site! Thank you for all you do for my community." - Sara Da Silva

From Claire P., a furniture donor:
"Everything went great - your staff was terrific - and I hope you can make a little money off the furniture. I heard of you when I used to live near the Uhuru store 25 years ago and I bought some things there which I still have."

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture because it supports the black community. The prices are economical and the people are very friendly and supportive in helping you find what you want." - Ms. Shirley

From Fran W., a furniture donor:
"The guys were awesome. I appreciate the pick up!!"

“I’ve been shopping here for 10 years and every time I come back I find something that I absolutely love!” - Christine

From Michelle, a furniture donor:
“When I had to put my mother in a nursing home, I donated her furniture to Uhuru. The service was on time, very professional and courteous. They called ahead, they came! I have told my friends about Uhuru Furniture."

"I loved shopping at Uhuru! I came in to buy a couch and left with a beautiful dining set and two outdoor chairs in addition to the couch. The staff was super helpful and made the process a breeze." - Synatra

From Barbara, a College and Career Counselor at Belmont Charter High School:
"Thank you for opening your doors to Belmont Charter High School scholars to complete their community service. The students had a great time and they talked about their wonderful experience when they presented their project to their peers and teachers."

"Grateful for this new piece for my desk in my bedroom. Thanks for making that possible!" - Elizabeth

From Sarah, a furniture donor:
"Wanted to say that your pick-up team was awesome! Professional, friendly, and quick. This whole process was enjoyable and efficient. Great working with you!"

"The only store where I could furnish my place affordably!!" - Chris M.

From a shopper:
"I found so many things! The furniture is gorgeous, the prices are reasonable and you get to check out all kinds of furniture."

“I bought a white buffet from the store and it was perfect! It fits in my farmhouse theme, the condition of it was great, and it has lots of storage. I tell all my friends about this store and I watch the live show. I'm the Bargain Lady!” - Sherri W.

From Tonie E., a donor:
"Thank you so much for picking up my furniture. I plan to give more before Thanksgiving. The drivers did a great job."

“It's a people place not really just a furniture store.” - Joe S.
“I enjoy shopping because they always have very unique things at good prices and the people are pleasant.” - Larry P.

From Linda, a shopper:
"I love shopping at Uhuru because of the unique items, cost-effectiveness, and notification of items via email. The staff is always attentive. It's a great place to find great finds."

“I like Uhuru Furniture because of the quality of the used furniture. I can't find that often at other furniture stores in Philadelphia.” - Cheryl

From Brian, a donor:
"Thank you. All went smoothly. The two men were courteous and efficient. I’ve been buying from and donating to Uhuru since they were in town and prior to the Broad St. location. I hope you can sell the items!"

“I wanted to be a part of a movement that is geared towards motivation and greatness. I also wanted to give back and be a leader and an active member in my community.” - Stephanie R.

From Michael, a shopper:
"The portrait gave me a reason to come into your lovely store and meet you. I would always see your furniture outside during the summer and it was some really nice stuff. Now I know what you guys do and the cause which is really great. I will definitely be back. Thank you and God Bless you and your store."

“I volunteered in the MLK Day event because it is the best use of my time and energy and the great comradeship.” - Joe F.

From Kenya, a shopper:
"Uhuru made my place look like a home with one paycheck and they deliver, very well. The staff is patient and very helpful they welcome you respectfully. I was so overcome with joy by what I was able to afford I went back a second time for more. Thank you, Uhuru for making a dream come true."

“The reason why I volunteered for the MLK event is to give back to the community. Also, to commemorate the excellence that King had shown the world that black people wanted equal rights. I volunteered to open awareness of racial issues that are still a concern for this country.” - Isaac

From Emma, a donor:
"I just want to write and let you know that I had a great experience...with Uhuru and the guys who came and picked up the donations!

You told me they would come between 2:30 and 4:30. At 2:00, Albert called me to explain that they were coming from Newtown Square and had to empty the truck before they got to my house and they would be there around 3:30. I was very appreciative of being kept in the loop!

Albert then called me at 3:30 to let me know they would be there by 4pm. They got to the house when they said they would and removed what was on the list in just about an hour.

Both men were extremely professional and courteous! They worked hard!

And I really appreciate their effort and their help! I will certainly recommend Uhuru to my friends...[!]"

"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man and a revolutionary who not only gave speeches; he acted and ultimately gave his life. Action in the spirit of Dr. King led me to the Uhuru Movement. Movement changes lives." - Demetrius

From Mary M., a donor:
"Hi Janus - your team was here and took the couch. I want to compliment you on such a congenial and professional team! I've already recommended your group to a friend of mine here in Philly."

"I liked volunteering because it was a great way to spread the word about black-owned businesses trying to give back to the community and support black culture." - Danielle (left)

“I really enjoyed this experience because I was able to not only get educated about many activist groups that I didn’t previously know about, I was also able to give back to my community.” - India (center) India (center)

“I like volunteering because it gives me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and I like knowing that I am making a difference in the community.” - Jordan (Right)

From Anna, a donor:
"Just wanted to say thank you! You have the nicest people working at Uhuru!"

“I was extremely excited to learn that Uhuru not only sells discount furniture, but profits go to the enrichment of African people, my people. Volunteering gave me a sense of pride and purpose. Now I want to do everything I can to aid them in this process." - Andre

“I came to support APEDF and Uhuru Furniture because their ideals align with mine. I believe in African self-determination and coming together to build a future for the African diaspora. I am happy to have this opportunity to give back!” - Melissa

"The Uhuru Movement always combines education and impactful action! And the people are friendly and have real integrity." - Annie

“I enjoy volunteering at the Uhuru Furniture store because I know that every dollar donated and every hour of volunteering forwards the principled and strategic work of the Uhuru Movement, while being surrounded by folks who are committed to a genuinely just future.” - Nina

“I chose to volunteer at Uhuru because I heard about the amazing things this program had to offer. It motivates and helps black culture stay strong and powerful.” - Khyyah R.

“Uhuru Furniture is such a powerful model for ideology in action. I am so thrilled to be able to support a business that is actively building self-determination and economic freedom in the African working class community.” - Carbon

I volunteered at Uhuru Furniture on MLK Day because I like to run into people who have the same mindset and I wanted to find out more information about this beautiful organization: the African People’s Education and Defense Fund.” - Tijah M.

“I wanted to volunteer to support my community and to pay me respects to MLK on his day.” - Samirah Bennett

"I like shopping here because prices are affordable and [Uhuru has] great stuff. I bought a dresser here 2 years ago that was in great condition and I came back again to get another." - Palash N.

"Uhuru is truly an amazing place. They're balancing the NGO world and running a business in an inspiring way. I'm able to affordably furnish my home and put my money toward an ethical business. Hearing an organizing meeting while shopping warms my heart in such a powerful way." - Preeti P.

"I was introduced to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles a few months ago. I finally made my way past the location. And may I say that I love it here. Prices are fair and the staff is kind. I'm sure to return!" - James C

"Hands down my favorite place to shop and everyone there is like family."

"Uhuru Furniture is the best! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks! Go get your furniture here!" -Shantel

"I love Uhuru because the quality of the furniture is amazing and so is the selection. Not to mention the guys who work there are so friendly and helpful. Always a wonderful experience!" - Jenni G.

"I like shopping here because this store stands for the community and is putting resources back into the community. It stands for what I'm for, which is the betterment of the black community. Even better, items are at an affordable price." - Richard S.

"You have the best, good quality furniture and great customer service." - Vanessa & Umar

"All they need here is a time machine so I can go back to yesterday before I bought anything from IKEA. Truly a fantastic store! Can't wait to come back for more!" - Emily C

"I just love this furniture store. They always have what I need and more. Just love this place!"

"This is a great store and I love coming here. I've been coming to this store since it's been open." - C. Wright

"The only regret I have is that I didn’t come here sooner! I could have gotten everything here. I just discovered you after buying from national retailers online. I’ll support the African People’s Education and Defense Fund from here on out!” - Santiago

"I love Uhuru Furniture! I visit for all my furniture needs and recommend it to friends. They have the best used furniture for excellent prices and an even better cause." - Susanna

"Volunteering at Uhuru has given me the chance to give back to the community in which I live while learning about the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - Jon

“When I had to put my mother in a nursing home, I donated her furniture to Uhuru. The service was on time, very professional and courteous. They called ahead, they came! I have told my friends about Uhuru Furniture." - Michelle

"I like to support community initiatives that bring something to the people. I don't want to go to Walmart or other chain stores. I can't find items at those places like I can here at Uhuru Furniture and I want to support the community."
"I wish our roommates didn't already have furniture, so we could get all of the cool stuff in here!" - (Right to left) Gabriel & Maddie

"I like the idea of doing more for the community not just in terms of providing volunteer experience or donating. I like the fact that it's so cyclical because [Uhuru Furniture] helps by providing affordable furniture to people as well as all the money goes to [the African People's Education and Defense Fund]. I think it's a really great resource. And I think it's very much needed in Philadelphia especially because of the sheer amount of inequality." - Justyne

“I love Uhuru because all the furniture is unique and in good condition. All the proceeds go to a great cause too, the African People's Education and Defense Fund! I now have three pieces of furniture from Uhuru. I tell all my friends to shop here!” - Dani B.

“Things were nice.” - Natasha

"I love shopping at Uhuru because all proceeds go to the African People's Education and Defense Fund. The staff is so nice and helpful when trying to pick out furniture. When I move again, I will get all my furniture from Uhuru!" - Lisa A.

"Great friendly staff with a wide variety of furniture. Definitely a fantastic cause to support and a great non-profit!" - Nate & Larry

"I wish I came here first, but I went furniture shopping all over with my parents and they got tired. We came here and found everything we needed! I think it's great to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund. I'll definitely come back and spread the word." - Mariam

"Uhuru Furniture has quality and unique pieces for good prices, plus the people are great and the money benefits the African People's Education and Defense Fund. Awesome all the way around." - Tobias B.

"Uhuru is my go-to place! Not only do they have great deals on high-quality furniture, but I know that my money is going to an inspiring and empowering cause: the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - Jennifer & Barbara-Lynn

“I grew up in the suburbs. My grandma got our house because she was white. I spent my summers in Camden. It bothers me that the kids I played with as a child don't have the same as me. It's not okay with me. Uhuru lets me participate in correcting the wrongs of the legacy of whiteness I belong to with reparations." - Courtney

“I've been a resident here [in West Philly] for 20 years. I raised my children here so, I have a deep connection with this area and I really like it. I believe that selling henna goes along with the summer vibe. Henna tattoos bring people in and attract a large crowd." - Karen Y.

"I used Uhuru for my moving to our new apartment. [They] were amazing, quick, and completely professional. Literally moved us in record time! I recommend using Uhuru for all your moving needs! Thank you so much!" - Donna

Me gusta comprar fornitura en este lugar porque encuentro antiguedades que en otro lugar no tienen. Son amable con las personas y te dan un buen trato y muy bueno precio." "I like to buy furniture here [at Uhuru] because I find antiques that can't be found anywhere else. The staff is friendly with the people and they give you good deals with great prices." - Carmen

"I enjoyed shopping at Uhuru because the salespeople were so helpful. Knowing I'm helping my community was also a big perk. I will return." - Pat

"Mom, just because you love this place doesn't mean we need to come here every day." - Layatine (middle) & Hosea (right)

"It's interesting that we (black people) are vocal on everyone else's issues. But we get silent when it comes to our own. We get silent when talking about revolution. Not at Uhuru Furniture!" - John Sanders, Founder of the Black Business Alliance (& Enterprises)

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because the staff is very helpful and the prices are extremely low! Not to mention the causes they support for the African community!" - Kevin C.

"Every time I come here I find exactly what I need and my money is going to support a great cause[, the African People's Education and Defense Fund]. I love Uhuru Furniture!" - Alyssa

"I love shopping here because they have the coolest frames and everyone who works here is wonderful and amazing. I love Uhuru. I tell all my friends to come here because Uhuru has the best furniture." - Mak S

"This place is the best gem in the city and it's for a great cause—the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - Ken

"The best couch we've ever bought was at Uhuru Furniture. I'm glad I found you guys; we'll be back! Everyone needs to support this organization and what they stand for!" - Adam

"I like the customer service as well as the community engagement of Uhuru Furniture." - Ronald Malik

"I like to shop at Uhuru Furniture because I can find great stuff at a reasonable cost. Plus, the staff is friendly and if I need delivery, it is here today or by tomorrow. I been shopping at Uhuru Furniture 10+ years. I love Uhuru because it gives back to the black community and supports economic development." - Robert

"I love shopping at UFC just for the same day delivery."
- Darryl W. (right)

"[I shop at Uhuru Furniture] because I get good deals and I like the furniture. I also like to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - Jeff

“I love Uhuru because I can find great pieces, and the staff is so helpful and kind. I like supporting the African People’s Education & Defense Fund by shopping here because I know how much they empower communities who have seen inequality most in Philadelphia.” - Kate

"I love shopping at Uhuru. They have a great selection of furniture, and I also like that by shopping here, I'm supporting a good cause: the African People's Education & Defense Fund. It's at a good location close to both off-campus and on-campus Temple housing so it's really useful for students." - Meera K.

"We love Uhuru Furniture because our kitchen table is beautiful." - Brandon

"We love Uhuru because they support the African community." - Meseret

"Uhuru has a community of such helpful and positive people. As a Temple student, shopping at Uhuru for its great prices and beautiful pieces while supporting APEDF's mission and programs makes for an unforgettable experience." - Alex C.

"Uhuru Furniture has great deals and excellent customer service!" - M. Owolabi

 "Uhuru is a great place to shop for furniture because the prices are very affordable. In my opinion, the furniture is somewhat spectacular." - B. G. Anderson

"I've been a big supporter of Uhuru over 24 years. I still own furniture I purchased. I donate often and bring my friends. We love Uhuru." - Patricia

"The quality, the cause, and the variety. So for my needs, I look here first." - James W.

"Uhuru has the friendliest staff and the sales are always amazing." - Lynesha and Seven

"Come one come all! We love this place because they have really beautiful furniture here and the prices are very reasonable. Guess you'll be getting all of my money!" - Gloria and Raymond

"Thanks for all of this unique and different items! And spent very little money!!! Check Uhuru out!!!" - Layatine and family

"Uhuru is a life transformer for anyone looking to make a house a HOME!!" - D. Maxwell
"I discovered Uhuru when I moved to Oakland. I loved it so much, I now volunteer there. I'm from Philadelphia, so on my visit here, I had to come see Uhuru!" - Rabbit 
"Uhuru is an amazing store, serving a great cause. Stop in frequently. Always something to find." - Peter
" I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because they're kind and the prices are more than fair" - Antonio

"I love that I come and I get what I want... again and again." - Patty M

"I feel so comfortable in this store. It is a step above ANY thrift store I have EVER been in. Top quality merchandise, top quality service! This store/organization serves the black community with a mission/goal of education, civil rights, fulfilling dreams of and addressing the wrongs committed by white society.  I am a white man 71 years of age and I support the thinking, ideas of this organization which deserves the respect and patronage of all. "
Sincerely JJ

"I support the movement for reparation and all the leaders of the Uhuru movement.” - Joe (MLK Day Volunteer)

“Today I had volunteered with Uhuru for the first time. I learned a lot during the program about the movement. I look forward to coming back and getting more people to help out.” - Zach Galasso (MLK Day Volunteer)

“With the Neighborhood physically I start conversations with others I don’t know yet!” - Serafina (MLK Day Volunteer)

“It was great to experience what this movement was about today and to experience something different than what is normally experienced by myself.” - Ross (MLK Day Volunteer)

“It’s so easy to get closed off when you are in school. I felt that happening and I am so happy for the chance to connect with people doing real good in my neighborhood.” - Ronnie Jarvis (MLK Day Volunteer)

Even circus school students come to the Uhuru Furniture Back to School Sale!

"We love the variety your store has and that you are a part of the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - Maya and Chauncey students at the Circadium School of Contemporary Circus

"So excited to own my first couch for my new apt. Thank you UHURU!
- Christina & Jamie

"I came in looking for a couple things for my college son's apartment. I fall in love with Uhuru Furniture. It's full of treasures, wonderful things, unusually unique as well as functional and useful for just what people need to have a green affordable living. The staff is so supportive and fun. Love the whole shopping experiences in every way! I am going to bring my friends from New York City who loves antiques. The fact that the money we spent is helping someone else makes me want to come right back and often!"
- Laura

"We love shopping here! Fair prices! Helps our community!"
- Holly $ Wayne 

"Good prices, friendly service. A must go for furniture needs!"
- M. F.

"I was riding by and I saw something I liked and stop and then recomend a friend to shop at Uhuru Furniture!"

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture. Very nice staff & reasonable prices! : )"
- Temple University Student

"Super awesome place for affordable furniture. And the staff was attentive, explaining different aspects at their business. That said I will definitely recommend Uhuru Furniture!"
- Jack
"Great prices! Great people! Great vibes!"
- Jack
"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because it is affordable."
- Lillie
"I am a direct living legend of the Black Panther Party. In the 60's, I was nurtured and taught self-respect as a child by the movement. Presently, my awareness as an adult-derived from that era. The movement lives on! Power to the People!"
- Vonda
"It has been a great experience, yes, again at Uhuru Furniture store. Great help and pleasant people!"
- Amor

"I love to shop at Uhuru Furniture because their merchandise quality is great and staffs are very friendly!"
- Maribell

"I've been coming and shopping at Uhuru Furniture for 20 years!"

"I enjoy shopping at Uhuru Furniture because everyone there is very helpful and super friendly. I also enjoy the many eclectic selections!"
- Michelle

"We've been shopping ar Uhuru Furniture for 15 years! I enjoy shopping because of the excellent pieces & wonderful staff. You should see my house, it's full of stuff from Uhuru Furniture!"
- Jim & Rob 

"They have nice furniture!"
- Rafael

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture because it is convenient. They carry a variety of items that are always in good shape and working. These are items that I can use. The store is at a convenient location."
- Tony

"Good people! Great Cause!"
- Vickie

"Out of all the donation type shops, Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia
 is by far the most beautiful and appealing place to shop! I wanted to shop at Uhuru Funiture, because the furniture is amazing! The website was very up-to-date! So I found my couch online before I made the trip. Most of all, I wanted to shop at a place that is actively  involved in social issues and change. Uhuru Furniture is a great place to shop and give at the same time"
- Mary Jo

"Everyone at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia
 is very nice. It's a pleasure to find something you like to add to your home, plus knowing that you are supporting a worthwhile organization at the same time." 
- J.D.

"I Love Uhuru because they're for helping the low income people like myself."

-Clifford, with love.

"I love Uhuru Furniture because the service is always good and you can not beat the prices!"


"I glad I stopped here - I was going to Ikea! I like vintage places, and I like that it's a nonprofit. If I would have got something from Ikea it would have come apart. I came into Uhuru Furniture and had the best experience. So many cultural, nice things. I'm going to keep attending and referring people here. THANK YOU UHURU!"

- Rebecca

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture because the customer service is  second to none, the merchandise is worth having, and the cause of the organization is what I support!"

- Rev. Norman

"I LOVE shopping at Uhuru Furniture because they help our community and my living environment!"

- Devin

"I happened upon Uhuru Furniture on my first day in Philadelphia - July 1st 2015. I was filling up at the BP gas station across the street and saw the sign & the name, and I KNEW I had to come in. Ever since, I have come in and found such unique and Afrocentric pieces. I love the contribution to the community and my people! Ase!"

- Riana

"I am glad to support this economic development project with my purchase. Programs like this better the people involved and the community around them."

- Kaaliyah

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture because I enjoy the quality of the furniture, plus knowing that I'm giving back to help others."

- Dawn

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture because they give back to the people!"

- Tiffany

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture for the quality and diversity in merchandise, and its support of the African People's Education and Defense Fund."

- Able

"Down at Broad & Parrish at Uhuru Furniture, my family always gets a good deal! Everyone should come and look - there is no charge to look!"

- Frank

"Uhuru Furniture has very good deals on furniture, and good quality!"

- Alauddin

"My family and I LOVE Uhuru Furniture! The customer service is amazing, and we ALWAYS find unique pieces and the best prices! Who? Who? Who wants to go to Uhuru? We ALL do! :)"

- Aly

"Uhuru Furniture is a great place to shop. Not only do I find great things, I love the fact that with each purchase, the money gets donated to great organizations to help our community. Thank you!"

- Lisa & Joseph

"I love shopping here for that vintage look!"

- Richard

"Great items, better prices, wonderful people!"

- Jaron

"What an amazing find! Such a beautiful collection of furniture at good prices. I can't wait to come back. I wish there was a store in my hometown NYC!"

- Laurel

"Uhuru Furniture has have been a treasure for the city. I know because I have found so many treasures throughout years in the store. Thanks, Uhuru!"

- Cynthia

"Uhuru Furniture has nice quality furniture and items at a price you can afford!"

- Renee

"I've come shopping for all my stuff for my house for 15 years. I love this store. A great organization!"

- Isabel & Erasto

"They have great deals at Uhuru Furniture!"

- Shelby

"We love supporting small organizations! Your prices are very reasonable especially to a non-profit organization."

- IDAAY (Institute for the Development of African American Youth)

"Uhuru, I love to come to the store. Everyone is so nice! Thank you so much."

- Annette

"I love Uhuru! Great selection of furniture, great service, and a fantastic mission. I'm getting all my furniture here while I live in Philly."

- Phoebe (Temple Student)

"One of the most pleasant and friendliest shopping experiences I ever had. Jesus, Ali, Ruby & Janus were excellent. it feels good to support good people and get awesome deals. Shop here 1st, Uhuru is the BEST!"

- Gary & Linda

"Uhuru's selection is unlimited, fits everyone's style and budget... No gimmicks!"

- Gerald

"I love Uhuru because they have furniture that I didn't even know I needed! This stuff is great! :)"

- Zach

"I like shopping at Uhuru for the great deals & staff"

- Jimmy

"I like Uhuru Furniture. They have lots of nice antiques."

- Michelle

"I love shopping at uhuru Furniture because of the friendly services and wonderful prices."

- Pel of South Carolina & daughter Zareya (Temple student)

"I love hunting through the great stuff at Uhuru, and I'm thrilled to support a worthy cause. Thank you!"

- Alison

"I enjoy shopping here for the great selection and quality of furniture. The staff is friendly and helpful!"

- Damond

"I love shopping here because the customer service & deals are incredible! The mission is also meaningful so it was a no-brainer to shop here."

- Kevin

"I was an Uhuru customer back home in Oakland and I'm glad I can keep supporting Uhuru and the African People's Education and Defense Fund in my adopted home in Philly!"

- Lauren (Penn Med Student)

"I adore shopping and exploring at Uhuru Furniture. Always somerare finds and gems combined with great customer service."

- Karen

"Great selection and even BETTER PEOPLE!"

- Zeke

"They have awesome furniture!"

- Michelle K.

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture because they have great items for great prices!"

- Kristina (Temple Student)

"We've been to the Oakland store while living out there. We moved out to Philly & saw the Broad street store. We love being able to support from coast to east & look forward to volunteering out here!"

- Angus & Rhiannon (Temple student)

"Wonderful shopping experience! Got everything I need for a new room, and the entire staff helped me check out the furniture. Also glad to be shopping at a space that supports community organization!"

- Hadass & Ora (Student at University of Pennsylvania)

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because it's the only second-chance store in Philadelphia that has low prices, and you get your money's worth your time to stop in!"

- Jeanette

"I like to shop here because of the prices and the people!"

- Brenda

"I'm never shopping at another furniture store again. The support of African and diasporic peoples' liberation is essential to the liberation of us all. Plus the furniture is great! Volunteer, shop, share - do whatever's in your power to fuel the movement."

- Kristian & Nzambu

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture because you can't beat the prices here!"

- Ponzo

"I love Uhuru Furniture! The staff is friendly and helpful! I encouraged my sister and friends to shop here, and they are all hooked now. Great place!"

- Ali

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture for its community, cultural activism, and African beliefs."

- Felix

"Bought my dream dresser. Thanks Uhuru Furniture!"

- Walae

"I have shopped with Uhuru Furniture for years. Always got good things! They are very friendly with you, and give you good prices. Pleased to shop!"

- Louise

"I'm a senior history major at Bryn Mawr College. I support Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because I want to support the African community and their struggles! The African community has contributed so much to this city and the world."

- Julia

"Great store, I love shopping here!"

- Tyrone

"Check this store OUT! Great finds, gently used items. Make this your 1st stop!"
- Roz
"The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable about the items on hand. I will recommend them to friends!"
- Alice

"Uhuru Furniture is a pleasant place to shop, friendly service with good prices!"

- Judy

"I like to shop at Uhuru to support the work and accomplishments and their mission. I enjoy donating here, too - I've done both for some years! :)"

- Jayne

"Found just what I wanted at Uhuru!"

- Dana

"This is my first time here at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles and I will be back again!"

- Geraldine

"Today I got to help my niece pick out a furniture set at Uhuru Furniture!"

- Nadine

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because you get real wood, real glass, and really good bargains on really fabulous items!"

- Jan

"Uhuru Furniture is incredible! We got everything we needed for our new apartment, and it's all unique and beautiful! I also feel great about supporting their nonprofit [APEDF]. All around excellent!  " 

- Sam, Eric & Fred

"I enjoy shopping at Uhuru Furniture because the furniture is unique, EXCELLENT quality, and at the same time I am supporting the African People's Education and Defense Fund!" 

- Royal

"At Uhuru Furniture, you find good quality furniture that makes you want to come back!"

- Shirley

"What's Happening Philly Newspaper says what a great furniture store this is! Great used furniture, antiques, an awesome shopping experience, and all for a great cause: the African People's Education and Defense Fund!"

- Paula

"Uhuru Furniture has good things for people that are looking!"

- Dennis

"I like this store because it is nice!!"

- Kamyra & Mom

"Uhuru Furniture is my favourite store! I purchased a couch, TV stand and dresser from here so far, all at good prices. Thanks a lot Uhuru!"

- Crystal

"We like this store because it has everything that we like, and the people here are very sweet, funny and nice!"

- Ashli & Armya

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because my daughter found the sofa she'd been looking for, and her purchase helped the community!"

- Robin

"Uhuru Furniture is a great place to shop for eclectic antiques and used furniture... it is very close to my workplace, so I can spend my money on the way to get an iced tea!"

- Fricis

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because there is good quality furniture and a big variety. Good customer service, too!"

- Maria

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because they have quality furniture at a reasonable price, and it's a nonprofit that helps others in the African community."

- Shirley

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because of the deals and really good quality furniture they have!"

- Sharlene

"This place is great, and the customer service is wonderful!"

- Alex

"Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles is a fantastic place to shop for household items at a very reasonable price. And the customer service is wonderful!"

- Adriene

"I like shopping here, their furniture is great and it's good quality!"

- Carrie

"Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles has high quality furniture for a great price. They also have great customer service!"

- Tyler & Brent

"I come to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because it's in my neighborhood and they have unique items!"

- Gloria

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because the quality of the furniture is excellent; the staff has wonderful personality (the organization is soooo generous with giving gifts!); and it's clean & organized!"

- Shirley

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because I love finding vintage furniture for good prices. There is new stuff here all the time! :)"

- Kathryn

"I like the things Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles has... the old mixed with the new."

- Maggie

"I like shopping here because the furniture are all in good condition and looks brand new!"

- Rashae

"I shop at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles for the selection & competitive prices."

- Cynthia

"I came in to shop because my sister donates furniture here!"

- Kathy

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because of the unique pieces & friendly service!"

- Marjie

"We love shopping at Uhuru Furniture because it's a good experience, and they have good prices!"

- Daniel & Sandra

"Amazing place, literally everything you need in one clean, organized store! Great employees, amazing service! No assembly required. Thank you!"

- AJ

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture. They have a great range of items, and great prices!"

- Mark

"I like Uhuru Furniture because I get to play the piano and enjoy the furniture they have!"

- Joshua

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because of the quality of the furniture that is sold. And it is sold at a price that I can afford! The sales are going back to the community. I appreciate that."

- Pamela

"You can't beat their prices"

- Marie

"This is my favorite place to shop for everything in my house. Each year we come back for more! The deals are awesome, and the selection is great!"

- Jessica

"Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stocks good and quality things, and buying from them is my little way of contributing to the APEDF!"

- Peter

"Uhuru Furniture is a great store to shop at because they offer fantastic bargains on high quality pieces. The sales people are incredibly helpful and kind!"

- Kassie

"I LOVE UHURU! All my floor lamps came from Uhuru!"

- Joee

"I'm really into this furniture! It's good, it's affordable, and there's really great workers here."

- Alice

"I love coming to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because they have great vintage items!"

- Brandon

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because of its location, one-of-a-kind finds, as well as reasonable prices. Come check it out for yourself!"

- Angie

"Shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles reinforces my vision of a self-sustaining community!"

- Melanie

"I like to shop here because of the quality furniture and respect given!"

- Victor

"My reason for shopping here is because the furniture is beautiful, in good shape, and reasonable!"

- Darlene

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because the people are so friendly, and helpful, and patient, and have lovable spirits! Thanks for all of your help!"

- Cynthia

"I love the merchandise here at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles. I will be back!"

- Laverne

"The prices are great - exceptional buys!"

- Alda

"I like Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because I like supporting my community!"

- Sonya

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because it has a large variety of vintage & new items at a great price. The people are friendly, understanding and very helpful. I would recommend shopping at Uhuru to anyone that would want great deals on items they need!"

- Roberto

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles. They have good bargains!"

- Robert

"I love Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles. I purchased furniture in the summer and came back because of the quality furntiure, but also the warm & kind people and excellent prices. I appreciate Uhuru! So glad you are here."

- Mary

"This is my second time visiting Uhuru Furniture - I love supporting an organization that gives back to its community!"

- Kameela

"Great, friendly service with hidden gems! Definitely hit it up when in search of home furniture."

- Miyori

"I love shopping here because the volunteers are pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable about what they sell. The music is great, and it's a wonderful place to shop. Very reasonable!"

- Bernard

"Uhuru has a large variety of furniture, and the customer service is AWESOME!"

- Belinda

"I love shopping at Uhuru because of their variety!"

- Debra

"There's nothing like supporting African-American development & commerce. I am from Africa & American, and feel proud to be of support. Way to go Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia, keep up the good work!"

- Fernand

"Good people; great prices; nice people! Shop with these cool brothers & sisters!"

- Ken

"Our entire apartment is from Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia - we love you!"

- Juanita

"I heard about you guys from my Aunt Val - you guys have good furniture!"

- Robin

"I enjoy shopping and browsing at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia, it is a lot of fun! I am a great supporter of their ideals and their principles. I visited and shopped at the Uhuru House on 52nd street, and I have participated in various fairs and activities. I spoke in 2004 with the Chairman - I am in solidarity with your work!"

- Picard

"Best thrift store in Philadelphia!"

- Ralph

"I LOVE going to and shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia! In fact, I always check Uhuru first. I've been doing so for so long, I even donate back furniture I bought from them 10 and 20 years ago, as life changed and I moved. Shopping at Uhuru is so much fun - and their new location is fantastic! p.s. The people who work there are lovely human beings, and so helpful!"

- Deborah

"I love Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because their prices are awesome! Thanks!"

- Renee

"I am a voracious bargain hunter, and this cubby shelf I got at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia will hold all my boots, shoes and handbags! Yay!"

- Trudy

"I have been a loyal customer at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia since 2014. My first purchase was an olive green sofa set - I used it in my home and everyone loved it! I love the empathy and love that the staff shows me. I don't have a lot, but they make me feel fortunate."

- Alice

"I love shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because they are a great place to shop to support a nonprofit!"

- A.P.

"I LOVE shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia for so many reasons: the profits go to a good cause; they always have unique, quality goods in stock; the staff are so kind & helpful; and they have GREAT deals! It's my go-to spot for home decor!"

- Laura

"I heard about this store from both my stylist and a family member, and had to come see for myself. I'm very impressed!"

- Kathy

"We love shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because they take care of everything. We were worried about our furniture fitting through our door, but they went out of their way to help us make it work!"

- Erin & Diana

"This is a good store for senior citizens on a budget. The furniture and the staff are really good!"

- Anwar & Quama

"I like shopping at #Uhuru because I can always find what I'm looking for. The store is also convenient! My girlfriends say the furnishings in my place look very good!"

- Mary

"Awesome Staff + Great Furniture = Uhuru Furniture"

- Ashcon & Emily

"Uhuru has the BEST FURNITURE!"

- Stacy

"I'm doing my whole house with furniture from Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia! I love the style!"

- C. Owens

"I got my dining set for my very first apartment in Center City 21 years ago from Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia - and now I'm back!"

- Shikeya

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because their furniture lasts for years, and it looks good!"

- Imani

"It's so dangerous coming into Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because there's always so much great stuff!"

- Lindsey

"I enjoy shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because I was shown respect, and everyone was really considerate of me as far as time and ways for me to pay!"

- Helen

"This place is the bomb! Awesome service and personnel at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia. I'm going to be back; I've got to bring my sister-in-law!"

- Dana

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia because of the exclusive, authentic pieces they offer. I just bought a beautiful green leather chair from here that I truly adore. I'm absolutely, positively pleased!"

- Danielle

"Previously, in 1997-98, I used to frequent Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia's store. My first big purchase was a full bedroom set which lasted me for a long time. Now that I live in North Philadelphia, I am shopping at Uhuru again! They have great bargains, good items, and courteous staff. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for a great buy!"

- Theresa

"I like Uhuru Furniture because the people are very nice, everything is priced right and in good condition - like new!"

- Ricky

"Why do I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture? Because they have quality furniture as well as home products, and they will work with you. And the prices are reasonable!"

- Anisa

"My fiance and I moved in to Philly recently - and the whole Uhuru Furniture crew took care of us! They are all awesome, helpful and hilarious. Three dressers and a whole lot of fun. Thanks Uhuru!"

- Chris

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because the people are nice, the furniture is classy, and it's for a darn good cause!"

- Megan

"The furniture is always clean, looks good, and it's affordable!"

- Gwen

"Great stuff! Our second purchase."

- Hildy & Louis

"Great people, great cause, great stuff!"

- Phil

"This store is the bomb! Everything is like new. They've got the best timing - and it's affordable!"

- Dr. Luke

"Unbelievably reasonable prices for such interesting and good-quality furniture!"

- Tori & Connor

"I like Uhuru. Great deals. We would go to the store on Spruce - my niece bought her furniture from there that she still has, and I bought a sofa bed there that I still have!"

- Pela
"I like to buy at Uhuru for good prices and good times!"

- Curtis

"I enjoy shopping at Uhuru because the pricing is fair and it's great quality. I recommend this shop to everyone!"

- Hiram

"Ruby is very welcoming. The furniture is great and affordable!"

- Bolanle & Farouk

"Uhuru is a shopping experience that is fun, for a great cause, and with great workers!"

- Bobby

"I love Uhuru!"

- Sheela & friends

"I enjoyed my first experience at Uhuru in Philly, and I will be back for more!"

- Selena

"Uhuru is a GREAT place to shop. Check it out!"

- Pat & daughter Kim

"The reason I like Uhuru's furniture is because I'm a senior and I like the quality."
- Mildred

"I like Uhuru Furniture because of the value, the quality, and the cast!"
- Lowan

"The fact that you can support local businesses, give back to a great cause, AND get amazing finds is awesome! I love Uhuru!"

- Katie

"Uhuru has great furniture with an authentic feel!"

- Shannon

"I like this store for its ability to get good quality furniture out to the community."

- Jerome

"We love Uhuru! We used to live in Philly and when we left, donated everything we had to Uhuru, and when we moved back came straight here. Amazing furniture, great finds for a fantastic cause!"

- Sneha & Nikhil

"I like it at Uhuru - that's why I keep coming back!"

- Kossi

"At Uhuru, one buys quality and elegance at a fraction of the retail price! I shop in the store infrequently, however, I am on the website three-four times per week. I come here and tell my friends because shopping at Uhuru is for the benefit of my people!"

- Dorothy

"Great service!"

- Malik, Hannah, & Fadi (Students at The Philadelphia Center)

"Very nice service & people! Great prices, especially for students! Come shop here!"

- Maddie, Katie, & Katie (Students at The Philadelphia Center)

"Uhuru has awesome items, and very good prices!"

- Sonny & Malik

"I pass Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles every day. I admire the beautiful (and reasonably priced) furniture, and the personalities of the sales people. I don't like the shops where they could care less if you buy anything. This recliner is an added relief for my recent knee surgery!"

- Marion & Toni

"This is the best store in town! Everything is so nice, and the people are very friendly!"

- Audry

"Very fine furniture, and nice people!"

- Theendra

"You walk in and the place unfolds. You explore first - TWO floors to check out! Amazing finds - absolutely no pressure - extremely personable help - plus delivery with convenient times - and quality pieces!"

- Toni & Emily

"I love shopping at Uhuru, it's very inexpensive and convenient! Best place to shop - 5 stars!"

- Muhamed

"What a great experience - great staff, great furniture, and good to see a GREAT old friend!"

- Tanya (right), pictured with our Donations Administrator Janus

"APEDF is a win-win situation for students because the prices are not only reasonable, but also the proceeds support a great cause!"

- Nicole, Mikaa, & Gina

"I like volunteering at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles because it fills me with joy to know that the little work that I do is a part of something bigger, the APEDF. Also, the store benefits the customers as well as the community!"

- Jillian, St. Hubert's Catholic HS for Girls

"You guys have been so helpful & accommodating! One stop, and I got everything I needed. Thanks!"

- Brenda

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because they have nice pieces, they're part of a worthy cause (the APEDF), they have a convenient location, the staff are all very nice, and more! I've been shopping at Uhuru for years, since the center city location."

- Janice

"I love to support my community at Uhuru, and can always find what I need in 10 minutes! Thank you!"

- Grace, student at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

"What a great cause! Good way of sharing our no-longer needed furniture with others! Friendly, helpful staff."

- Debby & Arthur

"I shop at Uhuru because they have nice, used products that still work exceedingly well."

- David

"First time, love time at Uhuru!"

- Kisha

"I like shopping at Uhuru because they have reasonable prices & wonderful pieces. My daughter also even bought things from here for her first home. I enjoy this store, and the customer service is outstanding!"

- Dottie

"Cool stuff, for great prices."

- Richard

"This store is perfect... I was thinking about going to Walmart to buy a chair when I rode past Uhuru. I'd rather give back to the community than spend my money elsewhere!"

- Nuri, Temple University Student

"The items are very nice, and the prices are reasonable. I got a good bargain."

- Adeline

"So happy to find Uhuru in Philadelphia while visiting my daughter Lea in Philly. I love Uhuru in St. Petersburg, FL and the theatre it gives the community!"

- Rosemary & Lea

"Everyone told me great things about Uhuru. I finally went, and it was awesome!"

- Laura

"The staff is so nice!"

- Ping, Addison, & Cecelia

"I use so much of your merchandise because I have several properties and a day care. Fine quality, and just what I need!"

- Cheryl

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because I know that I'm supporting the local community."

- Linsey

"I love shopping at Uhuru where the prices are always amazing, and I always leave happy! Thanks Uhuru!"

- Katherine

"I came here because I knew you all had great furniture for low prices - and I was NOT disappointed!"

- Dylan

"I love this place! The prices are incredible... This place is unbelievable, I gotta come back for sure - and bring my sister!"

- Tina

"We tell all of our friends about this place! The furniture is good, the prices are better, and helping a nonprofit organization like APEDF is great!"

- Marty

"I shop at Uhuru for all of my antiques that I like - they are reasonably priced! Thanks!"

- Audrey

"I used to shop at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles in Oakland in the 90's. When I moved to Philly, I was so happy to see you here! It made me feel at home."

- Elissa, Temple Grad Student

"Uhuru has good quality furniture for reasonable prices, and I got great customer service from Ali!"

- Russell

"I love shopping at Uhuru - they have GREAT bargains!"

- Diana

"I shop at Uhuru because I like the prices and can get everything I need. I'm so excited, I love my new chair and ottoman!"

 - Patricia

"My grandma loves shopping at Uhuru because she can always find nice things and they are very friendly!"

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because I never know what I might find! It's like Christmas morning every day!" 

- Mike

"I love shopping at Uhuru because they have a commitment to and concern for less privileged people - people who would otherwise be struggling, or might not receive education, which helps make life more comfortable." 

- Eddie

"I like shopping at Uhuru because of the quality for the price. And when I need odds and ends, I can pick it up at Uhuru for a reasonable price!" 

- Tony

"I love the savings I get at Uhuru Furniture! My favorite store!"

- Ricky

"I shop at Uhuru because I support economic development efforts that empower local communities of color and prepare the next generation of leaders."

- Alfredo

"My friend always tells me to come here, so sometimes we pop in. 
Uhuru has great one-of-a-kind items - and they deliver!"

- Rachel

"It is great to shop at Uhuru and get quality items that support a great cause: APEDF!"

- Greg

"This is a great store - I love Uhuru! I will be back VERY SOON!" 
- Sabrina

"We're shopping here because we wanted our money to go back to the #community through APEDF rather than a for-profit business. Also, they have awesome furniture!"

- Steph (UC Irvine) & Sarah (UPenn)

"I am so happy I was able to get everything for my start up company. 
I am elated by the great customer service!"

- Brittany

"I love to sneak off to Uhuru! I never know what little or big treasures I will find."

- Diane

"Shopping at Uhuru has been a wonderful experience. They have many conversational pieces! 
Try shopping here, I'm sure you will enjoy it as I have!"

- Yvonne

"I was able to purchase everything I needed for my first apartment at Uhuru. It felt extremely gratifying knowing that 100% of the proceeds from my purchase 
will go to a worthy cause such as APEDF!"

- Chance, recent Brown U. grad

"I like the furniture and the prices that Uhuru Furniture offers!"

 - Gerry
"Uhuru is awesome! I just moved and had no accent furniture, and I found a bookshelf for a great price - WITH same day delivery! I'm definitely coming back."

"We love the dining table & chairs we bought from the Spruce St. shop a decade ago - 
and today, I just bought the perfect coffee table & club chair!"

"I think that Uhuru is a great store. Their customer service is great! And their prices are fantastic!"

"Great stuff! Great prices! And the best part - it's a nonprofit!"

"I like Uhuru because I'm able to find interesting and affordable furniture."

"This is where I love shopping - Uhuru Furniture has awesome deals!"

"The struggle continues, even when bargain shopping at Uhuru Furniture..."

-Marion & Doc
"This store has amazing customer service!"

"Uhuru is a GREAT place for our community!"

"I choose Uhuru Furniture because they've got good furniture for great prices!"

"Very good prices, and very understanding staff!"

"I love this place. Everything is neat and clean, and they have things in great condition!"

"I love Uhuru Furniture. They helped me fill up my new house - now I can live like a king!"

"Uhuru has really great furniture, and really great prices!"

-Amy & Aminah (our youngest #volunteer!)
"I love this store - every time I come in here I buy something I need, and Ali takes care of me every time!"
"I really enjoy this store - the help is great, and the prices are great! I love Uhuru!"

- Don
"Great people, great products, great prices, great cause!"

"I love this furniture store for all the things I need!"

-Sarita, Photo Illusions
"I absolutely appreciate Uhuru Furniture! This place is reasonable, the furniture is awesome, and the people are super!"

"I loved stopping by the old location while running errands in the city. As a college student who lives thousands of miles from home, it was extremely important that I have a reliable store to furnish my living space that offered delivery - all for reasonable prices! Now I'm moving and the new location is allowing me to fill my new apartment with beautiful, high quality pieces without breaking the bank."

-Jon & LaDonna
"Uhuru has helped a lot of my family and friends for years - from Spruce St., to Broad St. Ruby especially has always been helpful. Today is my second time at the new Broad St. location. I brought my sisters from North Carolina with me since they are furnishing their new home. They were together since they were kids, and they're together again! Thank you for helping us!"

"I love antique furniture, and my whole house is decorated with your stuff! You guys get me every week - you're turning me into a furniture hoarder! I've had to get rid of furniture just to bring in furniture from Uhuru. I didn't expect to return home from walking my dog with more Uhuru furniture!"

"The new building is great and spacious. The old place was so different! You always had to move everything, I don't know how you stayed there so long. At this place, you can see all of your beautiful furniture!"

Although the Uhuru Health Festival may have passed, we're all still feeling its inspiring effects! In this picture, Chuck from our Operations team (left) is posing with his mother and John Thomas from The All Peoples Tyron Lewis Community Gym in St. Petersburg, FL. In addition to MC-ing for and leading a workshop during the Health Fest, John also came by the store to give us a truly inspirational message about health, wellness, and how they relate to social consciousness and the work of APEDF. Thank you

"I really love Uhuru Furniture because they'll work with you as much as possible to get you what you want."

"I like shopping at Uhuru because of their support with the African People's Education and Defense Fund. Also, the prices are affordable, and the availability and quality of furniture they sell is great!"

 - Connie
"When I first moved to Oakland, CA, I bought all the furniture for my first apartment at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Oakland. I left all of my furniture there when I moved back to the East Coast, and there is furniture I continue to think about and wish I had taken with me to this day... and it's been 8 years since that move! I love shopping at Uhuru!"

- Ashley
"Uhuru is the best used furniture store in Philadelphia. Great, clean and bright store; amazing prices; courteous staff; in short, can't be beat!"

- Doug
"I have gotten so many lovely items from Uhuru. I love the new location, and will continue to follow Uhuru!"

- Angelique
"We love Uhuru! We found awesome green velvet chairs here and everyone loves them!"

- Sean
"First and foremost I'm a supporter of APEDF. And the mission statement for Uhuru is worth investigating! I bought a great investment here."

- Suzanne
"The quality of Uhuru services and furniture are reasonable and affordable. Plus the salespeople at Uhuru are courteous and friendly!"

- George
"I love Uhuru because they have great stuff!"

- Sherita
"You have very, very fine furniture at good prices!"

- Jeannetta
"What a treasure in the neighborhood! Great, friendly staff were able to pick up donated goods within one day of emailing my request. Came back the next day to donate more and ended up purchasing two items! I would highly recommend everyone visit Uhuru. Support a great cause!"

- Cortney & Julia
"Uhuru has a variety of good quality selections, and when I'm searching for furniture it's the first place I look!"

- Darlene
"Great deals, great prices, great furniture... just great!"

- Aires
"Quality and variety, and friendly staff that will work with you!"

- Janice
"I used to shop at Uhuru in Oakland and am now furnishing my new home with the gems I have found at Uhuru Philadelphia!"

- Philip
"I was so happy to discover your new space. You outgrew the old store ages ago - I remember the furniture stacked to the ceiling, it was an adventure just navigating through. This place is great - spacious, sunny, and parking to boot! The best part though was seeing the warm faces of old friends. Congratulations!"

- Rosetta
"Fun place to shop; great bargains!"

- Bob
"If you have an eye for unique pieces, enjoy making old things new, or you're simply looking to style up your place, go to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia. The people were pleasant, helpful, & knowledgeable. I deeply enjoyed this shopping experience, and will get great use out of this desk! Love my fabulous find!"

- Shanda
"I used to be a vendor at the Clark Park flea market. Good job on your work in the community!"

- Ahmid

"When I come in here it makes me feel welcome and warm in my heart."

- Judy
"My friend just moved into Philly. When she mentioned needing furniture, I immediately told her to stop by Uhuru first."

- Mary from Urban Princess Boutique

"Shopping here is a pleasure, very good prices and the employees are very pleasant and considerate. This is a fine store to have in our community!"

- Ms. Angela

"Uhuru Furniture - good value, good people!"

- B. Martin

"Best antiques in town, at a very reasonable price!"

- Ron

""I'll buy all my furniture here!"

- Elita

"I like shopping with Uhuru because you're helping someone else while helping yourself, too!"

- Cherie

"Wonderful mission, wonderful pieces, and wonderful customer service!"

- Anya

"Always ride by, and had to come in. So happy I did!"

- Pat
"We've heard about Uhuru for so long and we've been meaning to come - so glad we did! Got some awesome stuff!"

- Yana & Chita
"Uhuru has unique, beautiful pieces! We've found tons of great things for our new house and love supporting a good cause."

- Leah & Dave
"Many blessings for prosperity and happiness in your new place. I'm a long time shopper of Uhuru & am very happy shopping in the new space!"

- Pamela
"My first time at your new location! You can always find a treasure at Uhuru!! I miss the old location on Spruce St., but there is so much more display space here, so you can really see what is for sale. Come see for yourself! I like supporting your causes - helping the African community locally & abroad!"

- Ann Marie
"I came across your website online and read about your mission. I decided to come check it out & support a good cause. You are doing a great job."

- Bhavna
"Love to shop here! Doing my home over with retro pieces and this place is great to find what I need."

- Sonya
"Great place with amazing prices."

- Derrick Jones

"Check out Uhuru! Before you go anywhere else."

- Emily Alff
"I bought dressers from here over 10 years ago, and they are still holding up! I'm so happy that Uhuru is at this new location. It's going to be much easier to come shop on a regular basis."

- Simone
"We shopped at your Spruce St. store, and bought a fabulous bedside table, a great lamp and lots of glassware. We've always been able to find something interesting and one-of-a-kind at Uhuru!"

- Todd & Angie
"I chose to donate at Uhuru because I just adored their hospitality while speaking to them on the phone."

- Pamela
"I like shopping at Uhuru because you can find great bargains. I just bought a beautiful curio that was very affordable. I stop by at least once a week - I work right down the street. The staff are friendly and helpful, too."

- Wendy
"Such a great place with great people. When I was younger I hid behind furniture, played and laughed while I waited for my dad. He used to deliver furniture to customers for Uhuru. Great memories, and such a great cause. You are such sweet people, many blessings!"

- Davina
"I love shopping at Uhuru because the people are warm and the deals on beautiful vintage and modern furniture are phenomenal! Come, you'll love it!"

- Carlotta
"I can't wait to begin my new restoration project. I got some really great pieces, and it goes to help an awesome cause."

- Kieasha
"I'm documenting Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles for my documentary photography class. When I transferred to Temple U, I got my whole bedroom set from Uhuru."

- Mariama, Temple U Photojournalism Major

"You ride past the small businesses that mean a lot to the neighborhood. I love helping the organization. I'm learning to stop shopping at big companies, when small organizations help the world stay afloat."

- Anthony
"I really love this place! I'm so glad you guys have more space now and that the new location is so big. It's great to have a place that not only has such a wonderful mission statement, but also benefits consumers who can get such great items at a great price. Thanks for everything you are doing!"

- Lauri
"We come to Uhuru because we like the furniture and great prices, and we love your staff."

- Gregory

"This place is like a dream! From the moment we walked in the door, the entire staff was friendly, attentive, and informative. Really quality furniture for incredible prices, and benefits a great cause! I highly recommend Uhuru to anyone and everyone!"

- Noelle
"Awesome! I love to shop at Uhuru because I always find what I want. Muy bueno!"

- Esmeralda, Adrian, Yarizbeth, Allison
"I've been shopping at UFC for 15 years. I just love this place if you're looking for good furniture at a good price. My brother, my sister, and my cousin all shop at Uhuru! I'm going to have my grandkids come here, too."

- Lawrence
"We enjoyed our shopping experience, it was very easy to find everything we wanted. The prices were very fair."

- Sharnay & Abdul
"Good service, good team, good partners & the prices are right!"

- Chris
"You don't know how happy I really am that I found Uhuru again!"

- Camille
"I like shopping here because of the reasonable prices, and I like the staff."

- Dan
"Excellent customer service, plenty of merchandise for good prices, and much to choose from. A good store!"

- Sam
"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because they have lots of great things. This is my 10th time shopping here!"

- Marie
"Uhuru has allowed me to purchase high quality furniture at great prices for an even greater cause."

- Clarence
"We've gotten a lot of furniture for my daughter's house. There are great bargains, good people, and we really like the work that Uhuru is doing."

- Eileen & daughter
"I don't care what part of the city I am in, I have to stop by Uhuru. I always find something to buy."

- Bea
"Uhuru helped us furnish our new home in Philly. We are glad to support the APEDF and to now be on Uhuru's mailing list to keep up with all the wonderful work."

- Dan & Christine
"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture because of the discounted prices for people that are on low budgets." 

- Dionne

"The new place is absolutely fantastic and something you more than deserve. I can't wait to come back and explore again!"

- Matt
"I'd rather shop at Uhuru. I get to save money and the city gets a local store instead of a big metal box."

- Jonathan
"I love, love, love this store. I tell my friends I sneak away from my job once a month. It's very relaxing"

- Lisa
"The prices and the quality; as a decorator I go to Uhuru for old and unique things.

- Dakari J.
"Good prices! Unique items now in my neighborhood!"

- Gloria Kingcade

"I love shopping at Uhuru. They have unique pieces, some one of a kind. I've bought furniture from here for my family and friends."

- Bonita Brown
Alijah came to the store to with his grandma. At age 18 months he can spell his name, knows the whole alphabet, dinosaurs, colors, shapes and can count to 20.
"I walk by the store often, each time I get a chance I come look through, today I found these two great lamps. What a deal!"

- April
"My name is Cassidy Carrington. I'm Black and proud of my heritage and history. I've found interest in my past and ancestors whose lives and experiences help me understand mine and those around me. I purchased those pictures [Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey] because they are a few of my heroes. They put their lives in danger and jeopardy for our people. I also bought them for my teacher who is the reason I know about them. I appreciate this store and our heritage's part in the store. Black Power! Black Power!"

- Cassidy Carrigan
"As I was passing by Uhuru furniture I took notice of this beautiful table outside. I was so pleased with how pleasant everyone was and got an incredibly reasonable price on my amazing table. Cant wait to use this for Thanksgiving!!"

"I got the coolest record shelf from Uhuru, I wouldn't have found it anywhere else!"

- Chris
"What a terrific find! We love this store and the people who work here!"

- Al, Ruth, & Ricky
"When I moved out of Philadelphia, I donated my entire apartment to Uhuru. Now that I'm back, I'm filling up my new place some wonderful finds. Full circle - I love this place!"

- Krysten
"I love Uhuru! I used to live near the old store on Spruce and found all of my pieces there. Then I moved over to this area and so did Uhuru! Now I've got all my new fabulous pieces from the new store!"

- Robyn
"I am Rhonda and I'm here at Uhuru furniture and I just got a great deal on a sectional!"
"Awesome store, amazing finds. I'm gonna let all my friends know about this place!"

- Armando, Temple University
"This is the best store ever!"

- Ashley

"I met Omowale Kefing & Chairman Omali Yeshitela years ago in DC! Now my daughter's going to Temple University & we're here shopping Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia!"

- Nkechi, with daughter Mariame & husband Dakarai

"A very nice store and the prices are reasonable!"

- Patricia

"I like shopping at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia. Sofas, mirrors & dressers. I bought all the furniture for my sons apartment."

- Raymundo
"I work for Women Walking in Victory and Empowered Men. I came to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Philadelphia to purchase a couch for one of our Recovery Houses. I was very pleased to find a very nice couch. Wow! It looked almost new. My experience here for the first time was pleasant and for a great cause."

- Darlene

"I love Uhuru because...The selection is always bigger than expected & the staff is the best! Always knowledgeable & helpful."

- Rachel, UPenn
"I knew coming here I would be able to find what I needed & help the community at the same time!"

- Margaret Temple U. Center City
"This place is great, what you have here is really something nice. I'll be back all the time"

-Fred & Clarice Nicholson, with grandson Mike Moody - a great member of our marketing team!
"I always find beautiful items here. I love the fact that Uhuru gives back to the community."

- Fawziyya
"We came here on a whim and were pleasantly surprised by the selection, quality and comfortable prices."

- Shannon, Juwanda and baby Makenzie
"I live in the neighborhood and have been coming for years. I just decided to vend and I love it here!"

- Karen (Useful & Beautiful Handmade Items)
"It's beautiful to bring entrepreneurs and community together for the greater good. I really love what Uhuru is doing!"

-Matt, of Matt's Tribal Jewelry
"I've been vending for 6 years. It's unique because of the different people that come here. My experience with Uhuru has always been positive."

- Steve Williams
"My family will always support Uhuru. We always find high quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of other big corporate furniture stores. We love that the proceeds go to support education in Africa & beyond. Thank you for providing a model of sustainable community development."

- Julian, Elizabeth & Abram
"I like the new place its more professional! I like what you're doing. I want to support the African People's Education & Defense Fund. Great job!"

- Faustin
"I loved volunteering at Uhuru because the crew is so friendly. They really made me feel like a member of the Uhuru family. They are so dedicated to the APEDF mission and it has been a truly inspiring experience."

- Joy

"This is one beautiful store. You can't beat the price and I believe you'll get a lot of business. I hope to be your best customer. I love this store. I'll take cards and pass them out to my friends."

- Rochelle
"I couldn't have asked for a better place to volunteer. After serving 100 hours I couldn't imagine not coming back. The staff was very welcoming and I feel like part of a family. Thanks for a wonderful experience."

- Samantha

"I recently drove by the new location for Uhuru and I was so excited! The building is bigger, they have a wider selection of prized furniture, and it's so well lit for the sun to shine through to see all the affordable prices!"

- Jeremy
"In 2004, at age 14, I was brought to Uhuru by my grandmother in search of a new sofa, and the old space was filled to its max making it hard to actually see the treasure-trove of furniture within the store. The new location is beautiful and now, at age 24, I'm able to see the full potential and true mission of Uhuru."

- Dru
"I came here because I would rather spend my money with an organization that gives back whenever possible"

- Marquita
"Great quality, customer service and prices. I wish I could leave a tip on my card for Jamal!"

- LaToya

"Great store for a great cause, I will definitely travel back in a truck to haul back to Texas. You have better selections and are in better shape than what I see in texas"

- Ana B. and Leticia D.

"I am always happy to come to shop at Uhuru Furniture store, I love everything, I wish a had room to put it. It's such a pleasure and staff is always nice and helpful, with smiles on their faces."

- Kathleen with Brian, UFC sales team
"I've donated here and shopped at Uhuru for good second-hand furniture. I also like supporting the APEDF with my purchases"

- Adam
"Uhuru is a great place to get 2nd hand furniture. I love my dining room table and 4 chairs. If you are looking for 2nd hand furniture Uhuru is the place."

- Denise
"I like Uhuru Furniture because of the good quality items. A 5-drawer dresser that I'd purchased many years ago still looks new. Great location. Lots of variety in both furniture styles and price. Plus, it all goes to a great cause.

- Naadir

"We absolutely love Uhuru Furniture. We support your movement and look for every opportunity to donate and purchase. Thank you"

- The Coopers
"I've always valued Uhuru Furniture for my futon I bought while in college @UArts. I kept it for over 10 years and got a great bargain then. So when I needed to furnish my new apt. for myself and my daughter on a budget, it came right to Uhuru. I checked the blog and noticed they still had the best pieces of great furniture and I was pleased to spend my budget. The customer service and kind accommodations by John and Antwine beat any dept store any day. They assisted as I sampled the comfort of my new coach. Thank you Uhuru Tina + Ruby and the whole team! I will also write an article on my Blogspot: 'theswapsocial.blogspot.com' for economic treasures."

- Natalie
"Great Stuff! Great Price!"

- Steve
"I check the blog a couple of times per week since things come in and go out so quickly. Why would you buy Ikea dressers when you could get a real wood piece of furniture here?"

- Corinne
"I love shopping at Uhuru, only not because they have furniture of great quality that i can afford on my student budget, but also because the money goes to an awesome cause. I've been telling all my fellow Penn nursing students about it and bringing them here as they move to the city."

- Melissa
"I am glad to donate to Uhuru Furniture to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund. Reuse and limit waste! This is a great place!"

- Eric, graduate of Drexel University College of Medicine
"I furnished my friend's apartment with your stuff! I love coming here and I love what you do for the whole community!"

- Douglas

Happy birthday to Devon, who brought her whole birthday party to Uhuru Furniture!

"I bought almost all my furniture from Uhuru. The price was affordable, the quality was great. I used it for two years and all people asked me:' where did you buy it?' I am enjoying my wonderful pieces, like sofa, dresser, couch and desk. Really, Uhuru is awesome! I am May Yazji from Syria and I advised all people to come here and buy. This money goes to African people!"

- May, Lara, Laia
"Uhuru continues to be a valuable fixture in the community. We have supported the organization for over 10 years!"

- Kimgetta, Sakibu, Hasan, Brenda.
"Uhuru has been an excellent fixture in the community. Quality and excellent pieces with superb customer service."

- Pam & Lisa (KeenEye Designs)
"I furnished my whole apartment at Uhuru Furniture. Now I'm looking for kitchen stuff! When I'm in town, I peruse everyday."

- Trevor
"We get all our furniture from Uhuru. Great cause. Great people."

- Daniel and Jennifer

"Uhuru just saved my life and my Easter dinner. You guys are the greatest!"

- Regina
"Your group helped me fix up my spot! I come here every week! Always interested in seeing what you have."

- David

"I bought a genuine leather chair for a great price and it was delivered that same evening. That's service with a capital "Sir"."

- Carol
"It's my second time to shop here. I love Uhuru Furniture, because everyday there's something new coming in the store."

- Eun-An Cho

"I always come to Uhuru first for furniture! They have great pieces that are chic and one of a kind!"

- George & Betsy
"It's a great deal because we got great furniture and we get to give back as well. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. We will be back!"

- Dave, Ginna & Adah
"We got all her college furniture here!"

- Ron & Jordan
"I have 2 bedroom sets, a living room set, small pieces, vases, and I love everything I got from Uhuru Furniture. Now I'm telling my friends to shop here."

- Barbara
"I love the way you guys fit everything in here."

- Oliver & Jessica

"Thank you for coming out in the terrible weather." - Uhuru Furniture "Wild horses couldn't keep me from coming to a great place. Come rain, come shine, get your best buy!"

- Denise

Brittani & Saniyyah picked up finishing touches for their grand opening of Anasa Spa owned & operated by Samiyyah Staten & Twana located at 204 S. 12th St. Now open 10am - 9pm.
"I'm working on a baby nursery and stopped in looking for a small cherry armoire - you never know what treasures are hiding at Uhuru!"

- Emily

"I just arrived from Paris and I didn't know how to get furniture for my new apartment. Then I found Uhuru on internet and I was amazed to find such lovely furnitures. When I came in their store and met Ali, a very nice person, I guessed I was at the good place. And all it's for the African community and children. So, do it!"

- Edwige
"We love shopping at Uhuru Furniture because the prices are great, affordable and worth it. They have great customer service and very dependable delivery service as well. Four thumbs up!"

- Dwunna & Terrence
"I like shopping at Uhuru because I find quality items at affordable prices."

- Jeannie
"I love shopping here! My best finds ever come from here! You do excellent work!"

- Susan

Thomas and Rick are bi-coastal customers! They also shop at our store in Oakland, CA!

"I like Uhuru Furniture because they give back to the people. I always refer friends here for the beautiful furniture pieces."

- Kat
"This store speaks to every aspect of my values...recycling, keeping things out of landfills, building community, promoting equality and utilizing human resources for positive change! Shop here! Give here!"

"The staff at Uhuru kept it real with me all the way to my purchase! I will be back."

- Kevin

"Love your blog and LOVE your furniture. Great service and prices!"

- Nancy & Kristin
"Whenever I think of it, I log onto your website and look at the latest additions. Sometimes I'm in the airport or sitting up in bed. Janus does such a good job on the blog!"

- Judy B.
"I just moved to Philly and I've been on the hunt for furniture. I'd much rather spend money at Uhuru than go to IKEA. I'm so excited to eat lunch at my new kitchen table today!"

- Seana
"A new resident to the area, I was elated to find Uhuru! I love and support their cause and find the most unique pieces. I have even shared Uhuru with locals that have now furnished their homes as well! You are a Philadelphia gem. Thank you!"

- Chandra R.
"We love Uhuru! There is always something new and the people are wonderful!"

- Jeff, Ileah, Logan, Pam, Marty & Jerry
"I'm always amazed how you stack all the furniture in here - it's like Alice in Wonderland!"

- Amelia L.
"I love you guys! I go to your flea markets. I love to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund!"

- Alea & Ilan

"This is my favorite place to find amazing furniture! This is the third time we have been in here today!"

- Brandon (with Mike & Laura)
"Every time I come in, there's always new stuff to see. We've come here to shop to take our mind off the storm."

- Shawn (with Danielle & Liam)
"Great quality, low prices!"

- Hanisha
"I want to move to Philadelphia so I could furnish my whole apartment from Uhuru."

- Margaret R.
"We are from Valley Youth House and we came here for the good deals and bargains."

- Tamarra & Amber
"I love Uhuru. I've been shopping here since college. They have the magical ability to always have what I need even if I didn't know what I want."

- Matt B.
"We like shopping at Uhuru because we find one of a kind pieces"

- Brae & Inna
"Uhuru Furniture is the best. I came for a sofa and saw the perfect curio cabinet. Stop by, you won't be disappointed"

- Tanya W.
"I'm converting my mother into an Uhuru shopper."

- Sofia
"We furnished our new place with great (and cheap!) mid-century finds from Uhuru. The staff are super-helpful and delivery was right on time. Thank you so much!"

- Susan, Alex, & Julia
"Checking the Uhuru Blog is part of my morning website check routine. My mom lives in Washington, DC and she checks it for me too!"

- Miriam F.
"I like Uhuru Furniture because I like antiques and old-fashioned things."

- Salvatore
"There are great new things every day. We love the cool vintage furniture!"

- Julia & Andrew
"Uhuru has gotten me through 4-5 houses + apartments. Every move was a new adventure. My son - now 26 - has been coming to Uhuru since he was a tot. I worked for a law firm and told everyone to go to Uhuru Furniture."

- Merri & Jeff
"My mom bought my baby furniture at Uhuru and we keep coming back!"

- Paige Sweedler (age 9)

"My mother donated all her belongings and household furniture to Uhuru in 2006. My mother loved Uhuru and their mission dedicated to education of the masses."

- Angela W. (owner of Heaven & Earth and Uhuru Flea Market vendor)

"We just moved to the city and we're addicted to Uhuru."

- Lee. Z & Lara. G
"I got all my favorite things from Uhuru and it supports a great cause"

- Marnie
"What a wonderful place! I'm new to the city and was looking for a place that offered special pieces that tell a story. My girlfriend told me about Uhuru and I must say that it is such a special place! Not only did I find great pieces to add to the life of my living space- more importantly, [I] gave support to a cause in need. Recommended by me for sure! Peace and love, full circle!"

- Shanna

"Uhuru is an excellent resource for students! You can affordably furnish an apartment and help the community!"

-Christian L.
"I furnished my whole apartment here!"

- Sierra & Vonnie
"We are proud to support Uhuru. Not only do we love shopping at this funky store, but more importantly we believe in the importance of Uhuru's mission. We're really excited to help out at the health fair!"

- Andrea & Kristen

"Lovely place! Very happy not having to go to IKEA again."

- Genevieve & Ba-Ahoi

"This is perfect. We got everything we needed in less than 30 minutes! Great find."

- Danny & JoAnn
"I've been shopping at Uhuru for 15 years. I always make great buys & bargains & share good vibes"

- Grady
"This is the place to find the "new" in the "old". I am going to tell my friends about this place!"

"A really awesome shop that has great quality furniture at awesome prices. All their dressers are superb quality antiques as well. Love this store!"

- Sasha
"My hip son always wants to know where I get my unique pieces. I took him to Uhuru - he's happy."

- Brenda & Trey
"You know how many years I've been coming in here, so small. I'm so excited about the new location. There'll be so much more space to find great things. African style at Uhuru, The line will be exciting as well."

– Deborah
"This place is so great. We decorated half of our house with stuff from Uhuru. Everyone always asks where we found such great stuff! It's awesome here!"

- Dustin and Sara
"We love shopping at Uhuru Furniture because the prices are great, affordable and worth it. They have great customer service and very dependable delivery service as well. Four thumbs up!"

- Dwunna & Terrence
"When my tenants ask for a ride to Ikea, I tell them, No! You can walk or bike to Uhuru, and they deliver!"

-Harry GoodHeart
"My friend got some really solid furniture from Uhuru a few weeks ago, and I came in to get some good quality stuff. My sister and I both got sets of really nice living room pieces."

- Jonathan Plotkin, Drexel University

"I got five great pieces for my new apartment that totaled $50 less than what I paid for one piece of furniture from Ikea. Ruby was exceptionally helpful, highlighting both the current sales and the vision of the store. Thank you!" - Heather Ziegenmeyer

"I used to shop at the store on 13th St. It was small but I was always able to find good pieces. Now with the bigger store I am able to find bigger and better pieces. Knowledge is power!" -Deborah & Noemi

"Our apartment is furnished exclusively by UHURU! (except for our bed!)" - Gwen and Evan

"I'm trying to create an Ikea-free zone. It's great to be able to help the African People's Education and Defense Fund at the same time" - Brenna

"You guys are awesome, such a variety of items and such affordable prices. Unique items that I wouldn't find otherwise. My whole house is furnished by Ikea and Uhuru and giving back to the community is always a plus!" - Lia

"We're happy to support such a great cause. Glad you guys found ample space!" -Darla, Jeff, Sabrina, Shakeera & Shakur. Thank You to Our Generous Donors.

"I was watching them renovate this place but I never thought it would be something for me! It's so beautiful! I'm really proud of what you've created, from where you were. This place looks like and feels like a good deal! I shopped @ Uhuru for 15-20 years!" - Rodney

"This place is a zillion times better than the store on Spruce St. It's much bigger and has much more lovely furniture, lamps, etc. that are arranged in an eye-appealing manner. I'll be back!" - Michael

"You've always been such a fantastic place and I'm thrilled that you have more space now!" - Elise

"I've been a customer of Uhuru for several years. My entire home is decorated from Uhuru from my bedroom to my kitchen. I have found many beautiful treasures here. The new location is amazing." - Rhonda P.

"Very good shopping. Price is always great. Very proud of you. 20 years of helping and caring. Love, Alda (a great customer)."

"Volunteering at Uhuru is great because I can get involved with the community near where I go to school at Drexel University." -Chris

"It's cool that you have moved to my neighborhood. I love the new showroom. I'm sure I'll be coming back for something" -Kris

"This is my favorite store!" -Carolyn

"I really enjoyed seeing the new place. It is so big and I like that it has more space. I also like that it is organized neatly. I hope to come back soon which I will because my mom shops a lot, but I still love shopping with the best mom in the world" -Loren & Jennifer

"It's worth the trip!" - Krista

"I love the Flea Market @ Clark Park, and now the furniture store is in a more accessible area, I can visit the store everyday." - Lawanda

"The store is great and the staff is awesome. They can help you transport your stuff and I think visiting Uhuru is a great experience. I'm happy finding this place. I'll try to be here more often!" - Rashid

"Volunteering at Uhuru Furniture was a great experience. I really enjoyed it and all the people working there are very nice and friendly. Wish all the best to Uhuru and all of you. See you soon!" - Jordan

"I've been coming to Uhuru Furniture since 1999. I've bought couches, loveseats, I've been recommending people and I'm still buying. You guys are incredible. The mission is fantastic. I support APEDF " - Orlando

"So honored that you are here, we were waiting for you to come" - Craig & Christine

"I love the mission of this company. The furniture is so unique because it's all recycled. The quality is outstanding because these are places manufactured years ago that aren't being made anymore and there's something special about each piece" - Hope

"I’ve been shopping at Uhuru for 12+ years. I love the transition, more space, more merchandise. I’ ll be here more at this convenient location" - Kamulah

"I live right near the new place and have bought many things from Uhuru in past. Welcome to the neighborhood!" - Emily Guendelsberger, Phila City Paper staff (came to cover our move).

"Can't wait to visit your new spot. I'm gonna tell all my friends!" - Steff

"I've been coming to Uhuru for more than 20 years. I can't wait for the new location so that I can go shopping. The new space is awesome!"-Finese

"The new space is so much bigger, room for more great stuff! And so close to Temple University, how convenient!"-Heather Lacapria

"It's going to be wonderful to visit you guys in your new bigger space!"- Jessica, Esmeralda, Sarai, & Momoko

"You guys win the award for the largest amount of treasures in the smallest amount of space."- Gary & Anna

"We love Uhuru! They helped us furnish our apartment for such a great deal, while supporting a great organization!The staff was super helpful & friendly & made sure we knew all of our options.We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to furnish a place. Come & check it out!"-Rachel Mazzaro, Brittany House, Clare Deveal, & Sam Gindl

"Personally, I think 832 N. Broad is a better location for Uhuru - more accessible & has curb appeal. In the new location parking is more available for pick ups & drop offs!"- Anne & Liz

"Why do I like volunteering at Uhuru Furniture? It's the best workout I've had in months."- DJ

"I love you guys, I am going to keep coming back"- Sophavy

"Uhuru Furniture definitely deserves a larger space. We're so excited for them! More space means more money for APEDF." - Marci & Nina

"I travel from NYC to shop at Uhuru furniture because I feel that my purchases are making a difference in African Education". - Jason D.

Zakiya buying the " African Style at Uhuru" stools.

"It's the epicenter of the neighborhood. We got every stitch of furniture in our house from here."- Polly & Kevin

"I took a reupholstery class but absolutely could not find a decent chair for a fair price in my home town (NYC), so we decided to make a trip of it and found the perfect one in Philly, And we did- at Uhuru! Thanks". - Ming & Adam

"The best deal I've ever heard of for snow people!" - Sarah, Mariah, Trina Miles, and Anthony Martinez-Briggs

"You know how many years I've been coming in here, so small. I'm so excited about the new location. There'll be so much more space to find great things. African style at Uhuru, The line will be exciting as well." - Deborah

"When I moved to England, I donated my apartment furniture to Uhuru. The cost of storage proved prohibitive. It made sense to donate to the African People's Education & Defense Fund. Education means power, choice and options." - Margaret F.

" I donated when I moved & passed on to all my neighbors in filter square. It's a great cause. I support the APEDF. Donate, Shop here, thats the key."- John

"I support Uhuru Furniture because it's an economic development project for individuals committed to improving the status of their lives. Not only do I find fair value in the constantly changing merchandise here, but I'm also helping a community that deserves and appreciates support. I know you're moving, and I can get more exercise on my bike. Haha. You're a destination for treasures!" - Bill

"I'm so glad they always have what I need here. This is my favorite place to get furniture, thrift store or otherwise. Furniture for education!" - Jaimie

"I check the blog everyday. There's always something new and fun to see. Plus the cause is truly worth the investment!" - Karla

"We're sad to see you leave our neighborhood but we will be happy to visit you in your new home - we're always glad to support Uhuru and its commitment to the APEDF. Please keep doing what you're doing!" - Laura & Matt

"It (the new location) will be so close. We can walk over there!" - Jake & Lauren

"My mother was sick at Pennsylvania hospital and I wandered out past Uhuru Furniture. The furniture was good quality at a very good price and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. We came back today to buy another set and will aways continue to support Uhuru Furniture." - Kharlyta & Alice

"The people at Uhuru are nicer and more helpful than any other store I've shopped at! Thanks for all your help! I'll definitely be back!" - Angela

"Uhuru is life-changing! I literally furnished my ENTIRE apartment with amazing, sturdy, sexy Uhuru furniture. And to top of all, they are so affordable! I still remember my very first purchase - a remarkable dining table and set of four chairs for $80. The best part - they were "made in yugoslavia". Only at Uhuru!" - Nikhil (Penn student)

"This store is so affordable and has some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture!! So easy to help with turning an empty house into a home." - Niche & NyIra

"So glad you're moving to my neighborhood. I have lots of your furniture! Love, love, you!" - Marlene

"I was in love wih the Uhuru Furniture Oakland, and now I'm in love with the Uhuru Furniture Philadelphia!" - Talissa

"Uhuru is the most interesting aspect of this neighborhood - local color & a visual feast! Uhuru will be sorely missed! I personally will miss them truly." - Kathleen (on the upcoming relocation of our store)

"I was at another store shopping for a couch and after hearing how much the man was charging me, a woman whispered to me to go to Uhuru. She said it was more reasonably priced. The people were so helpful and nice. They would help you find exactly what you were looking for. They did not disappoint us!" - Katy & Lauren

"I finally saved enough money to buy a home. My friend brought me here to "fill up the house" and make it my own. We love that the proceeds go to a great cause!" - Ali & Sam

"It's quick, easy and so affordable! And they always have exactly what you need. That's what I about Uhuru!" - Anwar and LaTasha

"After getting a much larger apartment, I decided to get all of my furniture from Uhuru. They get some wonderful gems, and it feels great to support such an important and humanitarian cause! Re-using is great for the environment too!" - Emily

"I donated pieces and I came back and bought. That's the way it's supposed to be. Maybe if more people would think that way we'd have less poverty. We like to support good causes like Uhuru!" - Despina  Francis

"One stop shopping! Get it all here! Education is the key!" - Albento

"I've completely furnished my new apartment with beautiful furniture from Uhuru. I love that I can decorate my place and help support the African People's Education and Defense Fund at the same time!!" - Keli with Juan(our store operation)
"Every time I come here, it's completely different! The turnover is crazy!" - Lila B.

"I've moved a million times and I always come here for furniture! It's affordable and I love that the profits support the African People's Education & Defense Fund!" - Melanie

"Uhuru Furniture is Bloomingdales for smart people!" - Joan

"I like to see things get passed on. It makes me feel good to know and see that someone can benefit from something I no longer need. I know what it's like to be in need of something with limited funds. I'm glad places like Uhuru exist. " - Amelia(donor) with her dad

"I don't know why I've ever bought furniture anywhere else! My boyfriend will kill me if I spend any more! I'm interested in volunteering in matters that pertain the Africa, children, health, community wellness and social justice!" - Nana, medical student

"I had a fantastic shopping experience at Uhuru! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for wonderful home furnishing at affordable prices. Two thumbs up! " - Jenna S. & Yui from UArts

"No better place to thrift than Uhuru Furniture thrifting!" - Andrae & Zachary (Ballet Majors from UArts)

"I just donated all my furniture to Uhuru in Philly. Now I'm buying new furniture at Uhuru in Oakland. I am proud to be part of the Uhuru ecosystem!" -- Maggie D

"I furnished my first apartment at Uhuru Furniture when I was 23. Now I'm 33 and still shopping!" - Quanzel

"We check the blog all the time for furniture to redo and resell as art. Great place and great cause!" - Trina & Idella

"If I had gone to IKEA I would have spent twice as much for a piece of sh#*!" - Hannah

"Because I can't come to Philly without stopping by Uhuru. Super Sunday Funday!" - Leslie, Sue, Lindsey and Krish

"I just moved to town and a lot of people have told me about Uhuru Furniture!" - Madineh from UPenn

"I love Uhuru! I went here as an undergrad and when I knew I was coming back for grad school, I was excited to shop here again. Great price! Great selection!" - Bill from Wharton Upenn

"I live on Spruce St. and always walk by Uhuru Furniture with intentions of stopping by and I'm so glad I did because this is a great place! And I will be back!" - Alyssa

"We go to Uhuru Flea Market every single month. We love Uhuru!" - Shamira and Whitney

"Amazing, constantly changing inventory and friendly volunteers make it the perfect shopping experience!" - Evan

"My wife and I moved here 2 years ago and purchased an awesome credenza from Uhuru. Everyone wants to know where we got it from, as it was the centerpiece of our living room. Unfortunately we are moving across the country and will no longer have room for it. My brother is now using it down at the Jersey shore and the credenza is still a hit. All of his friends ask about it and have even made the trip to Uhuru to find a similar one of their own. Thanks a ton! I was happy to donate 4 chairs to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund!" - Rich F.

"We grabbed some furniture for our office and now we are all set! Come see us at Green St Coffee Co. at 1101 Spruce St." - Tom, owner

"Uhuru Furniture had such a great selection, and the staff was super helpful! Definitely an excellent cause to support!" - Heather & Ali

"My favorite store! If it is lunch I must be here!" - Linda

"I love Uhuru!!! I've purchased and donated furniture.The customer service is first rate, and the items are in great shape.The website is a great place to search for great stuff." - Julie

"We've purchased several items already from Uhuru and we've been thoroughly impressed by the quality of service and the furniture. Everyone there is super nice and helpful and will even help arrange delivery wherever you need it. We especially appreciate the sassiness of the staff." - Allen and Jeff

"Looked for a futon for my son and Uhuru gave great service and has an excellent selection of furniture. Why buy new furniture when you can buy vintage and help the African People's Education and Defense Fund?" - Dori

"I love shopping here. You will find great deals for an amazing price. I go on the blog every day to see what I can find new. Thanks, Uhuru!" - Karla

"A great way to pass on our furniture for a great cause" - Richard S. & Jennifer P.

"Jaime and I live in the area and we always stop by on the weekends to see if there is any great new stuff. Uhuru always has fantastic furniture and they support a great cause! Today I brought my brother in too!" - Mike W.

"Uhuru is a great part of the neighborhood - the furniture is always interesting and there is always a lot of new stuff. It is important to support the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - Susan D.

"I love UHURU! Great pieces in my home. The best!!!" - Marlene

"I'd much rather give my money to Uhuru than a corporate giant - it's just such a great cause!" - Maryann

"I've bought many furniture from Uhuru and have told all of my friends. I love what Uhuru supports and I'll continue to shop here." - Josh

"Love Uhuru! The furniture is great quality wise and is very vintage. Love that they are a charitable organization as well." - Ingrid H.

"The African People's Education and Defense Fund has been a major support in furnishing my new home. I hope my purchases can be a major support to them as well. I'm gonna bring all my friends here and I would be honored to volunteer here." - Tyra L.

"I enjoy volunteering at Uhuru because all profits go to a helpful cause, it's a great chance to meet people from the neighborhood and a it's a fun working environment!" - Peter Dobeck

"When we first moved to Oakland, we bought our first furniture at Uhuru and when we left, we donated all our furniture back. Now in Philadelphia, it feels like we're coming full circle at Uhuru again. Thanks!" - Shannon & Sonia

"We just got here from New York and we needed a place to lay our head, a desk to write on and a chair to sit." - Gertrude

"As an advocate for environmental and social justice, I find volunteer work with Uhuru Furniture deeply satisfying. I love knowing that the time and energy I commit to this local initiative contributes to African self-determination and empowerment around the globe. At once, I can help recycle housewares in Philadelphia and raise funds and enthusiasm for resolving education, health, and economic disparities worldwide." - Jacqueline Boytim

"Uhuru is great! I've bought and donated pieces. It's a wonderful place to shop." - S. Williams

"Great finds... Great buys... Great people... Great cause!" - Tonne S.

 "I love volunteering at Uhuru Furniture because I am a part of a team that loves to give back to the community." - Saybah N.

"I've been shopping at UHURU for more than 15 years. At UHURU I find one of a kind quality pieces, knick knacks, furniture etc. Being a freelance interior decorator with limited funds during this economy, UHURU offers great deals, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I love UHURU." - Finesse R.

"You're single-handedly helping me pull my apartment together. You're helping me create a home." - Isa

"You know we'll be back. This is OUR place!" - Attia & Muhammad

"You have some really great stuff. I should have come a long time ago." - Jennifer H.

 "Just a small drop of humanity does a world of good. I'm so glad that i could make a donation to such a worthy cause." - Toni T.

 "We love coming to Uhuru and discovering really nice finds for furnishing our historic home. It is great to know that proceeds from our purchase go to the African People's Education and Defense Fund." - John & Ann C.

 "Uhuru Furniture always has great unique furniture that is in great condition. I have been coming to Uhuru since 1996 when my oldest daughter was only 2 years old. The staff here is always very friendly and helpful." - Linda, Aliyah, Autumn & Adia

"I was stalking your blog for weeks for the perfect piece. Great place... Lots of great stuff, worth the ride, and it's people helping people!” - Tracey

"I saw you in Clark Park & really liked the mission." - Nikki

"All three of our children have furnished their apartments from here. More than once!" - Bernie & Charlie

"This is our favorite store!" - Lisa & Kristen

"Uhuru Furniture has been the most gratifying furniture experience of my life - picked up gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces from the 1940’s era. Wonderful service as well!" - Alyssa L.

 "We just got here from New York and we needed a place to lay our head, a desk to write on and a chair to sit." - Gertrude

"While my brother was visiting in Philly we walked by Uhuru and I told him how great the store is. He then surprised me with a gift card for my birthday!" - Lisa K.

 "Great products...Great prices...Great mission...and a really friendly staff too!" - Mahmoud

"I've been coming here for years. There are new pieces to see every day. The staff & volunteers are friendly and helpful and they deliver right to your apartment! It's also a good place to donate furniture when you move because they will pick it up. For one-of-a-kind affordable furniture, definitely go to Uhuru!" - V.L.

 "You guys are doing a great job! Keep going! This is definitely the best place to buy furniture in Philly. I'm constantly checking the blog for deals." - Pilar

"It was a pleasure volunteering for Uhuru Furniture. I am honored to be a positive assistance to a great cause. I would recommend anybody for volunteer work at this great place of business. I will be back to donate more of my time towards the positive causes that be." - Christopher S.

 "I'm so glad I found this place - it's such a great find." - Laura

"It's just a pleasant place to shop And there's something new every day and the price is RIGHT." - Debra K.

 "Every time I think about donating, I think of Uhuru immediately because I know you guys are making very good use of it." - Jose

"I absolutely fell in love with Uhuru Furniture last night on my way to yoga! The highlight of my shopping experience was finding a furniture piece identical to the night stands my parents had. I'm excited that 100% of the profits go towards APEDF's community based programs. Totally LOVE this store, yay!” - Keli of Yoga Peach

"Every day first thing I do is check your blog for the great deals you offer - you can't beat it! I'm down here weekly to catch the best bargains and really nice furniture. I even advertise your site on my blog!" - Linda (linzeescene.blogspot.com)

"Uhuru Furniture helped to make my move to Philly as easy and stress free as possible. I couldn't ask for a friendlier and more helpful staff or better selection. In fact, after this I wouldn't buy from anyone else! All for a great cause as well." - Elizabeth

"Our favorite time of the day is when the Uhuru truck pulls up in the morning! There's nothing like being the first to scope out all the good stuff." - Jennifer H. & Catherine F.

"We are honored to support this great cause with our furniture donation." - Ari & Natalie

“We love this store because it is an opportunity to help and create a better world for our children.” - Carmen & Laura
"I don't know why people go to freakin' Pottery Barn, this place has awesome stuff!" - Melinda

“Uhuru Furniture and its cause have been a part of my life for a very long time and I’m proud to be a customer. What an awesome feeling to donate to such a fantastic mission. It’s changing people’s lives and helping people.” - Sean

“I love Uhuru Furniture. I support their mission to help African Americans’ culture and community. Their prices are very reasonable. I pass through every week to show support. Also, the service and staff are very helpful and welcoming. I look forward to stopping by.” - Karlika

"Uhuru Furniture has filled my home with treasures. Happy to have my money go to a good cause." - Maria D.

"It's good for the neighborhood. It's reasonable, it's for a great cause and delivery is a bargain." - Seymour M. (Washington Square Real Estate)

"I love it - love love love it! Unique and different, best prices, friendly… I love this place! I tell my friends and business partners. I just told a bunch of people this week. They say, ‘How do you spell it again?’" - Nancy G. (Real Estate Investor & Stager)

To the management and staff of Uhuru Furniture:
Thank you so much for the beautiful, comfortable, well-built sofa/sleeper that I purchased from your fine store. Everyone I meet from your store is more professional than the last. Much luck with your worthy efforts.